Faelyn Organic Lingerie Spotlight

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

Faelyn Organic Lingerie exhibits at the Lingerie Selection Feb 28 – March 1, 2017 (Daylight Studios, 450 West 31st st. 9th Floor, NYC).

“As the demand grows for ethically made undergarments, women are seeking sustainable lingerie that they feel beautiful in – and that’s what Faelyn offers.” Emily Bertovich, Faelyn.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor

Known for its pure white colorway and tenderly girlish but carefree styling, Emily Bertovich’s Faelyn brand is designed to make the wearer feel like an angel: firstly for being lovingly enveloped in the ethereal beauty and grace that are Faelyn designs and secondly for choosing a brand that strives to operate in an ethical and eco-friendly manner from the manufacturing process through to packaging the final product.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie is Emily’s actualization of doing what she truly loves but in the way that she deems to be morally responsible and socially considerate.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

Spurred on by a combined love for femininity, lingerie and design, which was cradled in the iconic city of Paris, known for its charmed relationship with style and glamour, Emily Bertovich dreamt up an enchanting line of intimate apparel garments that leans towards the celebration of that state of womanhood between youthful innocence and precociousness. She brought her imaginative ideas to life using locally sourced organic cotton fabric, the hallmark of her brand, manipulated into soft sensual lingerie and loungewear pieces.

Add to it all her deep respect for the environment and nature, contrasted with her disdain for wasteful production practices and the story behind Emily’s Faelyn brand becomes even more poignant and intriguing.

In an interview the TLJ, she recalls for our readers, the story behind her brand, including why an eco-friendly reputation is so important to her, plus, her upcoming direction for Faelyn.

Interview with Emily Bertovich, founder of Faelyn.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie
Emily, could you give our readers who might not be familiar with Faelyn an overview of what your brand is about?

Faelyn is brand of eco-friendly lingerie with a delicate feminine aesthetic. Our collections are made with soft organic fabrics and manufactured locally in Brooklyn.

How did you start on your entrepreneurial journey with intimate apparel?

I studied fashion design in school with the intention of eventually starting my own label, and I’ve always been inspired by femininity and lingerie. After graduation I noticed a gap in the market for undergarments that were sustainably made and also beautiful and feminine. At that point I joined a design accelerator program called Factory45 to help me launch my business and I’ve been putting my heart and soul into it ever since!

We read that you studied at Parsons Paris – how did that experience and city influence you?

I had an incredible time in Paris and the experience changed the way I approach design. I really learned how to push myself creatively and the culture of the city and French women continues to inspire me.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

What’s the significance behind your brand’s name, Faelyn?

I wanted something unique that would reflect the soft and ethereal look of our collections. Faelyn comes from an old Celtic word and is also a play-off of the word “fae” which means fairy.

Why is sustainability so important for you? Has this always been the case or did something spur you on?

From a young age I’ve always had an interest in animals and the natural world. While working as a clothing designer I witnessed the wastefulness of the fashion industry, and felt compelled to create garments that were ethically made and sensitive to the environment.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

How exactly is Faelyn eco-friendly? What steps do you take to make this a reality?

We put a lot of time and care into sourcing the highest quality materials for our garments and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Right now our preferred fabric is USA grown organic cotton, and the majority of our elastic and trims are made in the USA. Everything is also dyed and sewn locally within a mile of our design studio here in Brooklyn. Even in our packaging we strive to only use recycled and biodegradable materials.

We’d love to hear about the fabrics you use in your collections.

Our main fabric is a US grown lightweight organic cotton jersey. We love using the simplicity of luxuriously soft organic fabrics to create designs that are comfortable and minimalist with a hint of femininity.

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

Could you tell us a little bit about the collections you’ll be showcasing at the Lingerie Selection in February?

In our next collection we are introducing new organic cotton styles in a range of lovely soft colors (a mix of underwear and loungewear pieces).

In your opinion, why should specialty boutiques consider carrying Faelyn?

Our collections are unique by being thoughtfully designed, eco-conscious and always on trend. As the demand grows for ethically made undergarments, women are seeking sustainable lingerie that they feel beautiful in – and that’s what Faelyn offers. I think women will instantly fall in love with the softness and versatility of our lingerie.

Learn more about Faelyn Organic Lingerie

Contact: Emily Bertovich
Email: info@faelyn.co
Website: faelyn.co

See Faelyn Organic Lingerie at the Lingerie Selection

Show Dates: Feb 28 – March 1, 2017
Location: Daylight Studios, 450 West 31st Street, 9th Floor, NYC
Website: thelingerieselection.com

Faelyn Organic Lingerie Gallery

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