Four Summer Marketing Tasks For Your Lingerie Business Or Brand

Four Summer Marketing Tasks For Your Lingerie Business Or Brand by Holly Jackson

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Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

Summer can be a scary time for lots of businesses. Lingerie businesses generally get a fair amount of swimsuit business, but even with that many boutique owners tend to see slower sales during the summer. It’s also an easy time of year to feel a little disheartened by everything, especially if you feel that you’ve worked hard all year and you aren’t seeing any benefit from it right now. Luckily, there are lots of little things you can do to improve your marketing during this slower time of year. Some of these will help your marketing in the short term, but all of them will ensure that the next year is even more profitable for you.

1. Spruce up your branding

The general rule of marketing is that you need to take a look at your branding once a year to see if it really represents the heart of your business. Businesses and brands grow and change so rapidly now that it can be easy to get started on a whole new path and never have your branding catch up. Use this time to go over your website, your print materials and any other marketing materials that you have. Do they say what you want them to? Do they reflect an older idea of your business and need an update? If so, make sure that you tweak them so you can get a strong start on Autumn/Winter 2012!

2. Check for small mistakes

We’re all more likely to make mistakes when we’re busy. No matter how many times you check things over mistakes like typos, incorrect dates, and misspelled names always get through. Go back and check any materials that you send out on a regular basis for these sorts of things while you’re less stressed. Not only will your marketing materials be perfect, but it’s one less task to do later in the year!

3. Make a grand plan

All businesses need something to aspire to when the going gets tough. Use this time to create a plan of what you’d like to accomplish in the next year. Ideally you’ll list some small and concrete goals as well as some large shoot for the stars kind of goals. Then make a list of the small steps you’ll need to get there.

4. Develop a loyal following

When you have a line people out the door, it can be really hard to get know each and every customer. Take this time to slow down and get to know everyone on a deeper level. You’ll have fun doing it, and you’ll turn those people into customers for life.

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