Laura Coronado Spotlight

Laura Coronado

“I inspire people to shop!” – Laura Coronado.

This year, we’re making an effort to spotlight bloggers outside of the lingerie world to take in a wider, deeper view of all things intimately fashionable. This month, we’re excited to showcase our Q&A with the wonderful Laura Coronado, founder of Read on to learn more about her blog, how she started and all the things that inspire her:

Q&A with Laura Coronado, founder of

Lollie Shopping Home Page

Laura, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us! We came across your blog in December and loved it! Could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with what your blog is all about?

Lollie Shopping is all about smart, savvy shopping! Whether it’s shoes, bargains, fashion trends or beauty products, I like telling my readers what I’m coveting, wearing, buying and recommend the BEST products. And because I’m based in Las Vegas, I write a lot about the shopping and style scene in Sin City, too.

Laura Coronado

“My goal is to inform and empower consumers, my readers.”

Why did you start your blog?

I used to work at, and while there, I made friends with a group of stylish women who enjoyed fashion and shopping as much as I did. We used to spend a lot of time together, including shopping or just talking about fashion. One by one we left Zappos, but remained in contact. Our email conversations often included requests for help, like, “I want a white coat, but I don’t want to spend too much; where should I shop?” Or, “Have you been to that new store downtown? Is it worth the drive over there?” That’s when it hit me. I need to start a blog. My friends need help with their shopping and this will be the best way for me to help them with their purchases. So Lollie Shopping really began as a way for me to continue talking about shopping with my friends. Little did I know that I would end up talking about shopping to thousands of people, including a growing audience in the UK.

When you first made the first steps to start, what were the biggest hurdles you faced? How did you get past them?

When I first started blogging, my biggest hurdle was figuring out what platform to use. I was too intimidated to start my own hosted website, so I went with the free service BlogSpot. Later, I moved to OnSugar, which was also free. After two years of being scared, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my own URL, signed up with InMotion Hosting, and installed WordPress. It was the smartest move I made. If you really want to represent yourself as a professional blogger, writer, and/or marketer, the best way to do it is by managing your own hosted website rather than using one of the free platforms. The moment I did that, the freelance opportunities and sponsored partnerships started pouring in.

Laura Coronado

Do you have a supportive network of family and friends? How important are they to your work?

My biggest lifeline is my husband. He’s a tech savvy web developer, and it was because of his encouragement and knowledge that I finally mustered up the courage to move away from the free platforms and onto my own site. He’s my tech support, designed the look and user experience of my blog; he even came up with the name! My relatives, especially my parents, don’t quite understand blogging and how it correlates to the rest of my career. And, frankly, it’s too difficult to explain it to them, so we just don’t talk about it much. But all of my friends, especially the ladies from Zappos that I mentioned before, are hugely supportive. Actually, all of Las Vegas has been supportive of Lollie Shopping. From PR agencies, to media people, to local businesses, everyone in Las Vegas has been so wonderfully supportive. Lollie Shopping’s longevity can be greatly attributed to this amazing neon city.

Love your tagline: “I inspire people to shop!” Could you tell us more about this and how it influences what you do on your blog?

I’ve always been that go-to girl and the trendsetter; the person who tells everyone about the big sale or where to buy such-and-such. Through Lollie Shopping, I’ve found a way to continue being that person with a larger audience. My goal is to inform and empower consumers, my readers. I want them to find solutions to their problems on my blog, then go out and purchase those solutions and solve their problems. I link to my recommendations or tell my readers where in Las Vegas they can purchase it.

Lollie Shopping Outfit of the Week

I love the story about your nickname, could you tell our readers how your childhood nickname influenced the name of your blog?

My mother used to call me Lollipop when I was a child. And when I met my husband in college and told him this, he then started calling me Lollie. When it came time to name my blog he’s the one who said, “You’re Lollie and you go shopping all the time, so why not Lollie Shopping?” And it’s been that way ever since.

You give some great advice to your readers each month, how do they react to your articles and what are some of your most popular sections/posts?

My Outfit of the Week seems to be the most popular. Because my blog isn’t a personal style blog, Outfit of the Week is the one time my readers can check out how I put my own outfits together and view my personal style. But my product recommendations go over very well, too. I love when someone stops me on the street or approaches me at a social event and says, “I bought that dress you posted on your blog the other day, and I love it!” That means I inspired them to shop, which is my whole point. I’m not available as a personal stylist nor can I take everyone shopping with me (in fact, I prefer shopping alone!), but through Lollie Shopping, it’s like I’m able to style and shop with a bunch of people all at once.

Laura Coronado

“I love when someone stops me on the street or approaches me at a social event and says, ‘I bought that dress you posted on your blog the other day, and I love it!'”

You’re also passionate about connecting brands with consumers. What are some ways brands can work with you?

I love working with brands on campaigns. I find it so rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work. My favorite way to work with a brand is when we combine both digital and offline marketing efforts. That normally includes blog posts, social media, and then hosting or attending an event, such as a grand opening. Like I said, it’s a lot of work, but when I see all these people at the grand opening, and they’re all shopping, and they’re approaching me and asking if I’m Lollie, it’s so cool and worth it. But a smaller way that a brand can work with me is by sponsoring an Outfit of the Week. Because those posts stay up forever and are very popular, the sponsor can get a lot of benefit from this type of partnership.

Do you have plans to cover Intimate Apparel in 2015? Do you have any personal brand favorites?

I would love to cover more Intimate Apparel in the new year. My number-one tip for improving one’s personal style is to get fitted for the right size bra. Wearing the right size bra can make you look ten pounds lighter! It’s amazing what a good, well-fitted bra can do for an outfit. Also, shape wear has become such a big deal. More women need to be educated on that category, too. Lastly, I believe good personal style should extend to the boudoir, too. I totally understand wanting to feel comfortable when you sleep (for those of us who don’t sleep in the buff). But you don’t have to look like a slob in bed. This is especially important if you are in a relationship and want to have a healthy sex life. I think it’s just as important to dress cute to bed as it is to dress cute during the day. As for brands, it depends on the category. For shapewear, I love Spanx and Yummie Tummie. For bras, I’m a fan of Le Mystere, Wacaol, Natori, and Vanity Fair. Victoria’s Secret makes the best panties. And when it comes to splurging on luxury lingerie, I love Kiki de Montparnasse and, of course, Agent Provocateur.

Are there any great lingerie boutiques you’d recommend to anyone visiting Vegas?

Yes! You must visit the Kiki de Montparnasse boutique at The Shops at Crystals. It’s to-die-for!

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And finally, where can we point any readers who want to learn more about your blog or get in contact?

Please visit me at and follow me on Twitter @lollieshopping. But if anyone has a fashion impossible, email me at and I’ll try to help.

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