Naked Princess: The Newest Luxury Label In Town

Naked Princess Feature by Holly Jackson

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I discovered Naked Princess a few weeks after they launched, and over the course of a few months they’ve gone from newly launched luxury brand to “that brand you see everywhere”. If you haven’t run across them yet, Naked Princess is a luxury brand focusing on lingerie, beauty and body products for the elegant and educated consumer. All of their lingerie is made in the USA, and their fabrics are sourced from France and Italy. Their beauty and body products come in collectible vessels, and are free of parabens, phthalates, talcs, and GMOs.

Naked Princess lingerie pieces are distinctly French in influence, although their headquarters and production are based in Beverly Hills. Their lingerie is frilly and feminine, but eminently wearable. The modal fabrics that they use are the softest in the business, and their laces are elegant and extremely light.

“Naked Princess is a luxury brand focusing on lingerie, beauty and body products for the elegant and educated consumer.” – Holly Jackson

I was lucky enough to see their new line at Curve NYC, and was instantly transported upon viewing it. They’re sticking with their commitment to high-end lingerie and beauty products, and expanding their line in some interesting new ways. This season’s collection called “And She Lived Lovely Ever After” featured robes, bodysuits, and ruffled panties while next season’s collection will add high waisted panties and lace garter tanks to the mix.

Naked Princess Lovely Ever After Bodysuit

I was lucky enough to have some time to chat with Rebecca B. Frank at the show, who is the chief creative officer and co-founder of the brand. She’s a bubbly blonde who is secure in her vision for the company. They’re currently positioning their pieces to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from serious lingerie collectors to brides looking for elegant pieces for their honeymoon. Their chief commitment is to keeping the quality of their products high, producing a collection that works for a wide range of sizes successfully and to producing creative future collections. To further their creative vision they’ve also launched Reign magazine, an online digest dedicated to showcasing their weekly inspirations.

Naked Princess Sugar Lovely Lip Polish

Despite the fact that Naked Princess is only a few months old, they’ve found tremendous success in a difficult market. They’ve been picked up by lots of boutiques, and are building a strong platform to move forward into the future. I’ll be happy to say I knew them at the beginning of it all.

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Naked Princess Lovely Ever After Chemise Slip

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