Bluebella Hosiery Collection

Seductively smooth with a chic finish Bluebella has launched its first hosiery collection, taking inspiration from classic styles, the range of stockings and hold-ups features sheer, fishnet and seamed designs. It has been designed to complement Bluebella lingerie and nightwear and is styled in classic black or nude for a seductively smooth longer leg look. Bluebella founder Emily Bendell said, “This beautiful hosiery range promises a chic, flawless finish.” Questions about... Read More

Couture Ultimates – Seamless Ladder Proof Hosiery

The objective to create a hosiery product guaranteed to offer a new high quality experience for both the trade and consumer sector of the world wide hosiery industry. For 20 years Allan Falconer and the team of Nottinghamshire based Legwear International have serviced the trade and consumer hosiery industries worldwide, committed to helping their customers purchase their desired hosiery items for less. The Legwear International branded portfolio includes Silky, Cindy (the oldest... Read More

Men’s Hosiery

Above: Glamory offers five styles of men’s hosiery including the Microman100. “Men wear hosiery for style and support. Whether it’s under their trousers in the office or shorts while out doing everyday things. They are made for the fashion forward guy that likes to dress on point and live the luxury lifestyle.” Guest post by Tim Gettler of Glamory Hosiery. Men are realizing all of the comforts and benefits of tights that ladies have been enjoying for a long... Read More

Glamory Hosiery Quality

Glamory Hosiery Comfort 20 in Black. In small sewing factories across Italy and Portugal, lace tops, thigh highs and stockings wait for the expert touch of seamstresses and tailors to bring them together as a complete Glamory Hosiery style. The artisans take their place in front of humming Juki sewing machines and guide the hosiery and lace tops through feeders, needles pulsing and blurring, perfectly stitching the delicate pieces together. Within minutes, a pair of Glamory... Read More

Glamory Hosiery

Glamory offers 34 different styles (including the Luxury20 pictured above), 370 different SKU’s, and ten different color combinations. “Together with designers in Italy, Glamory is constantly working on new products that give their wearers in everyday life and on special occasions, extra elegance.” Timothy Gettler, Glamory. Timothy Gettler’s work with the plus size hosiery brand Glamory started after a long (and sometimes disappointing) search for legwear to fit... Read More

Glamory Hosiery Intros 7 New Styles

“Glamory Hosiery offers true plus sizing.” Glamory Hosiery recently introduced seven new styles of Patterned Hosiery to its inventory. The new styles are named: Amore, Diamond, Dune, Honey, Marea, River and Saturnia and are available in five different sizes from Medium (10-12) to 4XL (26-28). Above: Glamory Hosiery’s Saturnia, River, Marea and Honey. “As an ambitious fashion company Glamory pursued the ambitious goal to combine timeless elegance with the... Read More

Gal Stern – luxury tights

Above: Gal Stern Goldfish. “We see tights as sophisticated items which upgrade a woman’s total look and allows her to stand out and give her confidence.” – Gal Stern. Gal Stern’s collection of luxury tights are arguably some of the most artistic pieces we’ve ever seen. One look at the pain-staking detail and artistry she puts into her pieces and it’s easy to see why she has so many fans amongst retailers and consumers around the world. Six... Read More

Baci Lingerie’s #BaciSelfie Contest

Baci Lingerie is running its #BaciSelfie social media contest in celebration of the release of its new Dreams Hosiery collection. Presenting the unique opportunity to generate brand awareness at the consumer level using the power of Facebook, retailers on #TeamBaci stand to gain exposure and new customers by joining the conversation about Baci’s next lingerie sensation. The contest invites consumers to submit photos of themselves wearing Dreams Hosiery with everyday attire... Read More

Baci Dreams Hosiery

Above: Baci Dreams Hosiery Sheer Jacquard Thigh High in black with Satin Bow. Style #1370. Earlier this month, we reported that Baci Lingerie’s new Dreams Hosiery collection was shipping to retailers. Today, we want to showcase more styles from the hosiery collection inspired by Baci’s collection of bedroom costumes. Baci Lingerie Sales Director Helle Panzieri says, “We’re excited to release this brand new collection of themed hosiery to our global market. The... Read More

Baci Lingerie Now Shipping Dreams Hosiery Worldwide

Baci Lingerie is now shipping its new Dreams Hosiery collection to the brand’s partners. The 20 SKUs in the collection are inspired by Baci’s award-winning Dreams bedroom costumes. Retailers are urged to ask their distributors about availability and ordering information for Dreams Hosiery, which can be viewed on by clicking here. Baci Lingerie Sales Director Helle Panzieri says, “We’re excited to release this brand new collection of themed hosiery to our global... Read More


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