1st Woman Swim Collection

1st Woman Swim Collection
Photos by Tim Haigh; Model Danielle Ellen. In all photos the model wears size small.

Designer Sandra Palmer released a peek at her new 1st Woman Swim Collection and we wanted to share the photos and details with our readers.

“Our 1st offering with 1st Woman is our soon to be released Swimwear line, which has been designed with contouring properties to enhance a woman’s curves without using wires by lining our garments with fabrics with figure hugging properties.” said Palmer.

1st Woman Swim Collection

All styles including 1st Man are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

“We at 1st Man – 1st Woman, take great care in both our design and fabric selection of 1st man and 1st Woman to not only create garments that are aesthetically pleasing but have great wear-ability, comfort and give great shape and hold. We dedicate our time to produce British made high quality garments.

1st Woman Swim Collection

The Twiggy swimsuit is inspired by the 1960’s Mod culture. Made in the modern black scuba fabric. With semi circular hip cut outs with white tie strings. Sexy and glamourous.

Orchid, simply a British micro fibre made with a bespoke 1st Woman digital print designed In-house. With an inner front layer of fabric chosen to create great hold, stomach control and breast lift for women of all bust sizes without compromising on comfort. Simple but sexy!

1st Woman Swim Collection

Questions about the 1st Woman Swim Collection?

Email: Sandra.palmer@blueyonder.co.uk
Phone: 07770873312
Website: http://www.1stmanandwoman.com/

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