5 Tips to Boost Your Valentines Day Sales

Retail Advice: Valentine's Day by Ali Cudby

Ali Cudby Ali Cudby is a lingerie industry expert focused on growth strategies for lingerie businesses. She is the author of 7 Steps to Boost Your Lingerie Business, the bestselling bra fit guide Busted! and founder of the FabFit Academy, an international bra fit training and certification program for lingerie professionals. You can find Ali online at www.fabfoundations.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AliCudbyAuthor, and on Twitter at @alicudby.

Valentines Day and Lingerie are intimately intertwined in the minds of many consumers. What that means is a great opportunity for retailers – both in bricks-and-mortar stores and online – to boost your lingerie business.

Here are 5 Key Tips to maximize the value for your customers to make your cash register sing this Valentines Day.

1. Keep it Simple

Seven til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier 9103X_RED_F

Above: Seven til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier, style #9103X.

Ensuring the right inventory is the first important step. Shopping for a lingerie gift means understanding a woman’s size and style preferences. Make it easier for significant others by having more pieces that are easy to buy. “Men like to buy silky sexy pieces and easy sizing. For example, babydolls are ideal,” offers Catherine Coast, of online retailer Violet’s Knickers. It can also be helpful to have size neutral, pre-packaged boxed sets handy for grab-and-go shoppers.

2. Fulfill Wishes

Seven til Midnight Heart mesh babydoll 9789P_F

Above: Seven til Midnight Heart mesh babydoll, style #9789

Encourage customers to create wish lists, so that preferences and sizes are known in advance. Says Erica Windle of A Sophisticated Pair, “We like to encourage customers both in-store and through our email newsletter to update their file, and we often send links to newly released fashion sets as well as bra-sized lingerie.  Then, the women can send their significant others to the shop to pick something they find attractive from the list.” Wish lists make purchasing easy for both your sales team and the folks who are doing the gifting – plus, it ensures that your customers get something they love. Wish lists are easy to use in both online and bricks-and-mortar stores.

3. Wrap it Up

Seven til Midnight Shiny stretch satin boyshort tulle bustle with satin ribbon edge_9796

Above: Seven til Midnight Shiny stretch satin boyshort, tulle bustle with satin ribbon edge, satin bows, ruffle details, picot elastic, and removable garter straps. Style #9796.

“Build your brand by making the wrapping experience as luxurious as the merchandise you offer.”

Even if gift-wrapping isn’t something you normally offer, consider adding it to your customer service mix for Valentine’s Day. You want to make it as easy as possible for men to buy from you, and being a one-stop shopping experience does exactly that. Build your brand by making the wrapping experience as luxurious as the merchandise you offer. A Sophisticated Pair offers “personalized gift wrapping services, which many married men find to be a relief.” At Violet’s Knickers, they take gift-wrapping a step further, offering “a little extra gift” with the service, and making it an upsell.

4. Party On

Seven til Midnight Naughty Little Secret Bra set 9624_F

Above: Seven til Midnight Naughty Little Secret Bra set 9624_F.

“Bras and Bling”

Consider partnering with a local business to make options even more diverse and provide a day/date specific reason to show up. At A Sophisticated Pair, “we are also hosting a “Bras and Bling” party the week before Valentine’s Day for our customers.  We’ll have a jewelry representative visiting the store and showcasing some gorgeous Valentine’s Day jewelry that works with some of the bras and lingerie sets we’ll have handy.” What local businesses can you partner with? Be creative! Find a boutique soap maker, a chocolatier, or artisan craftsperson.

5. Less is More

Seven til Midnight Veronica Bustier and Thong 9339_B

Above: Seven til Midnight Veronica Bustier and Thong, style #9339.

Whether your customer is buying something to entice her Valentine or shopping for a gift, focus on the best quality they can afford. It’s always better to get something special for a holiday. “Let’s put it this way, a woman can spot budget nightwear from a mile away…so no penny pinching!” says Coast. From a business perspective, it’s always a good idea to sell customers into a smaller item from a more luxurious brand – chances are, they’ll appreciate the difference quality makes once they’ve experienced it for themselves, and then they’ll come back for more.

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2 Comments on “5 Tips to Boost Your Valentines Day Sales

  1. Avatar Lisa R says:

    If it is true that men are visual creatures then arranging to have a real, live model in your store for a unique experience can turn Valentine’s into a very special day for him and her. Finding the right model can be a bit of a challenge but well worth the effort. Sometimes all the mannequins and such just don’t do the products justice. All of your suggestions are spot on Ali and there is still some time to get it right. Thanks!!!

    • Avatar Ali Cudby says:

      Hi Lisa
      Having a live model is a wonderful thing for retailers to do! And yes, a challenge that’s absolutely worth it.

      So glad you enjoyed the article.

      See you soon,

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