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Intimates Market 247 b.tempted

Above: b.Tempted by Wacoal featured on IntimatesMarket247.com.

“How does my lingerie brand connect with more buyers?”

This is the single most asked question I get here at the Lingerie Journal. It takes a lot of work to get a buyer’s attention. There are trade shows, trunk shows, press releases, emails, phone calls – a ton of work.

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time (and money) to connect. But there are options to make this process easier for brands and designers.

In the past two years, we’ve seen several online showrooms debut working to bridge the gap between buyers and brands. For the most part, the new sites are dedicated to the ready-to-wear market, but now there is a dedicated online lingerie showroom called IntimatesMarket247.com.

Intimates Market Creme Bralee

Above: Crème Bralée featured on IntimatesMarket247.com.

“The site allows manufacturers to upload their company profile, styles, pricing and garment details that are then searchable and viewable by retailers…”

Launched very recently, the site helps connect retailers and brands on this online B2B platform. IM247 showcases manufacturers, displays their latest trends in the industry, presents special promotional offers, debuts new products, and most important, allows both retailers and manufacturers to manage their time and budgets more efficiently.

The site allows manufacturers to upload their company profile, styles, pricing and garment details that are then searchable and viewable by retailers signed up to the site. Buyers interested in placing orders directly with the brands can do so on the site.

Intimates Market’s search features are pretty robust and a retailer looking for particular styles, price points, and categories will find it easy to navigate. Buyers can write their own orders directly on IntimatesMarket247.com that are sent directly to the manufacturer.

Intimates Market Snoa Profile

Above: Information is key. Details about SNOA Sleepwear including links back to their homepage and social media sites are listed on the company’s Intimate Market’s profile page easily accessible by retailers.

Membership is always free for Retailers and Manufacturers. Manufacturers have other fee-based options determined on the number of product styles they’d like to enter and the membership length.

The site’s founder, George Hardy, is passionate about helping both brands and retailers improve their business. He has an extensive sales and marketing background in the intimate apparel industry. As a consultant, his company, George Hardy Sales and Marketing, works with manufacturers on ways to add new channels of distribution, grow their brand’s image and increase revenues.

George sits down with us to talk more in-depth about his site:

Q&A with George Hardy, founder of IntimatesMarket247.com

For our readers who might not be familiar with your site, could you give us an overview of what IntimatesMarket 247 offers? 

The best way I can describe it is that we are a trade show online similar to Curve except that is available to retailers and manufacturers to exchange information and generate and receive orders 24/7 365 days a year at a fraction of the cost. There will always be a need for trade shows since it allows people to interact with each other and see, touch and feel products. But there are many retailers and manufacturers who don’t want to or can’t afford the time off or cost of attending a show. Even for those who do attend a show our site provides them with information after the show and until the next one.

What are the key features of the site and who is it for?

The key feature is for members of our industry to take advantage of the internet 24/7, 365 days a year to do business with each other and exchange information. Retailers can even place orders that are sent to the manufacturer of their choice.

Intimates Market Shopping Cart

Above: Retailer’s orders are placed safely to brands via IntimatesMarket247.com.

“Manufacturers can only see their own information and are blocked from seeing others. Only retailers can see all manufacturer’s information, images and pricing.” – George Hardy.

Once a brand signs up on your site, how best can they leverage your services to communicate with buyers and showcase their collections? 

Once they are registered and subscribe we send an email to our data base of retailers announcing the arrival of the new brand. The company an also take advantage of the many marketing and advertising options I attached for very low fees.

Some brands may worry that their competition will use the site to their advantage. How have you worked to keep that from happening? 

Manufacturers can only see their own information and are blocked from seeing others. Only retailers can see all manufacturer’s information, images and pricing.

Could you also tell us how Consultants can also take advantage of Intimates Market 247?

Simply by registering as a consultant and sending me an image and company bio. Once we see that there is a need for that service there is a fee very small fee of $299 for 6 months and we generate an email blast to our data base of retailers and manufacturers based on the target customer and that information is available on our site to anyone who visits for the 6 month period.

What’s next for the site for the rest of 2014?

As the relative new kid on the block our primary goal for 2014 is to build brand awareness of our unique concept in the marketplace, continue to add to our data base of retailers and manufacturers and to create an app to enable everyone in our industry to reach out to us on their smartphone and tablet.

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We encourage both retailers and brands to visit and sign up for Intimates Market.

Website: intimatesmarket247.com
EmaiL: George@IntimatesMarket247.com

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