A look at Lavit Lingerie’s New Collection

The Baril sisters are getting ready to showcase their 2011 collection at CURVE NY and Las Vegas and they were kind enough to send us a pic or two to present to our readers.

The company noted that the 2011 collections showcase lace and satin in light hues, metallic and earth tones. According to Tina Goodman, co-designer and partner of Lavit “Our new collections have been mainly focused on “Women that are not only smart and powerful, but are also fun and flirty. We have created some very feminine yet sexy pieces with the Lavit details such as silk bows and mixed media pieces. We try to stand out from other lingerie lines by using unique designs and fabrics.”

For more information, we invite you to visit our web-site: www.lavitlingerie.com
To set up an appointment please email us at: info@lavitlingerie.com

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