A look at Q-T Intimates

Q-T Intimates, a 4th generation intimate apparel manufacturer, has been crafting beautiful, supportive, and affordable lingerie for nearly 70 years. The family-owned and operated business puts forth great effort in working to satisfy the needs of their customers — designing and manufacturing some of the most innovative and stylish garments in the industry. Striving to stay ahead of the curve, the quiet intimate apparel trendsetter has formed one of the hardest working New York based design teams in the industry, tirelessly dedicated to expanding upon the company’s collections year after year.

Sourcing only the best, most beautiful fabrics used to create luxurious, unique and sophisticated bras and panties, Q-T Intimates has proven their ability to think outside the box and thrive in an industry where so many others have found it difficult to even survive. Their ability to continuously offer fresh designs to the market, while maintaining affordable prices, sets them apart from other brands in the industry that have been forced to pass along rising costs to the retailer and consumer.

The design team at Q-T Intimates

Founded in 1945, the company began as Q-T Foundations. Max Kutzin and his two sons, Milton and Aaron, started out making heavy girdles, swimwear, and nuns’ habits. As the business flourished through the 50’s, they relocated their offices, warehouse, and factory to New Jersey, where the manufacturing of brassieres started to become the core of their operation. In the 70’s, Q-T became one of the very first intimate manufacturers to begin importing from overseas.

Q-T's Olga Korol, Technical Designer.

Above: Q-T’s Olga Korol, Technical Designer.

Q-T's Khaaliqa Squire, Assistant Designer

Above: Q-T’s Khaaliqa Squire, Assistant Designer.

By the early 80’s, Q-T had entered the fashion business, introducing some of the first colored and patterned bras available on the market. Utilizing each opportunity presented to them, Q-T was able to aggressively change directions to remain in step with what the modern customer demanded. From basic bras and shapewear, to the La Leche League International Intimates nursing and maternity line, to their luxurious new Crème Bralée Lingerie collection, Q-T Intimates continues to not only survive, but to thrive in this difficult economy.


Q-T Intimates’ continued success also lies heavily on their outstanding customer service. Both the sales and customer service teams at Q-T rely heavily on the feedback garnered from one-on-one conversations with clients. “We can sit down with each of our private label customers and let them pick from an à la carte menu: if they want this cup, that strap, in this color, with that band – we can do it. We have a technical designer on staff so we are really able to hit every detail of what the customer wants instead of just forcing them to take what we have by buying out of our line,” shares Meryl Kutzin, Vice President of Production and Merchandising.

Creme Bralee Amanda

Above: Crème Bralée’s Amanda range.

With the introduction of the exciting new Crème Bralée Lingerie collection, Q-T Intimates set out to design a high-fashion European-looking line that features an American fit for the full-busted and full-figured American woman. After receiving a tremendous response to the collection’s first season, Spring/Summer 2013, Q-T has been working tirelessly in preparation for the upcoming release for the fall. Crème Bralée’s second season begins shipping to retailers around the US in October.

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For more information on each style and to browse their collection of intimate apparel, visit www.qtbras.com.

For press inquiries, please contact Tasha Mayberry, Director of Public Relations at pr@qtbras.com.

For wholesale inquiries please contact sales@qtbras.com.

About Q-T Intimates

For over 68 years, Q-T Intimates has been the quiet trendsetter in the intimate apparel industry — designing beautiful, comfortable, and affordable bras and panties for women of many generations. During the 1940’s and 1950’s the small but ambitious company was all about the basics: white bras and girdles, sometimes beige, usually cotton with a touch of polyester (if possible). Through many years of design innovation, Q-T Intimates has evolved to incorporate the latest fashion trends, eye-catching colors, and beautiful fabrics – from simple and sleek, to luxurious and feminine.

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