A look at TRIPTYCH ‘she-he-us’

“TRIPTYCH ‘she-he-us’ is obviously a dance between femininity, masculinity and togetherness and each video explores the featured theme.” – Thorsten Roth.

Thorsten Roth’s amazing fashion video, TRIPTYCH ‘she-he-us’, was recently featured on GQITALIA.IT garnering the NYC-based photographer/director’s creative vision some well-deserved (worldwide) attention. The three part video explores the layers of sensuality, sexuality and gender along with our favorite topic — intimate apparel. Wanting to learn more about Thorsten’s videos and how it all came together, we sat down with him for this Q&A:

Thorsten, the videos are amazing! Could you tell us a little bit how the videos’ theme tie all of them together?

Thanks, I am glad you like like them. The concept is based on the intention to express the multitude of layers of sensuality, sexuality and gender that go along with the topic of Underwear. It was important to me to create a classy, cutting-edge coherence between contend and aesthetics. With that profile in mind the work is emotionally authentic and allows to create a connection with the audience.

TRIPTYCH 'she-he-us' video still

Tell us a little bit about about each video? What was involved?

TRIPTYCH ‘she-he-us’ is obviously a dance between femininity, masculinity and togetherness and each video explores the featured theme. And then you have moments when the topics overlay – the visual language that we applied is in constant flux just like life is in constant flux. The choice of the right music was important and I decided on the tunes after the concept was developed and before shooting started.

TRIPTYCH 'she-he-us' She Video Still

There were two direct challenges: First the technical — on a relative short time-schedule we had more than 60K of light on set! It worked out all perfectly — with the right crew and lead-figures you can leave all obstacles behind you.

Second — because of the set-up we were shooting all three videos parallel and I needed to direct my talent in a non-chronological order. At this point again a big compliment to the entire crew who did an amazing job – high-lighting of corse our two protagonists Veronica and Gianluca.

TRIPTYCH ‘he’ with GIANLUCA, featuring CALVIN KLEIN from Fifth Legion on Vimeo.

What was your role in pulling all this together?

Director and Producer – basically everything from idea, concept, casting, putting the team together…up to supervising post-production.

Behind the scenes at the TRIPTYCH 'she-he-us'  shoot with Thorsten Roth (foreground)

Above: Behind the scenes at the TRIPTYCH ‘she-he-us’ shoot with Thorsten Roth (foreground).

My “partner in crime” on this is my DP and Editor Jedediah Mitchell who brings great expertise and out-standing talent to the table. We have worked together on several videos before and have a great chemistry and work-method going. It’s a little bit like playing in a band: I have the privilege to give directions and make the last calls but at the end it is a team-effort. In the creative process it is very important to bounce off each other’s board and part of my job in general is to orchestrate and make sure that each team-member’s contribution leads to the best result.

Could you give our readers some background on your experience and previous work?

I was born and raised in Germany and lived & worked 12 years in Paris before moving to New York City. After graduating from Photo-/Film College I had a solid assisting career working ‘old school’ for the ‘big boys’ on high profile shootings and productions. Now I am shooting/directing fashion, beauty and portrait for editorial, advertising and the music-industry, i.e. Joan Osborne’s last album ‘Bring It on Home’ was nominated for a 2013 Grammy.

TRIPTYCH 'she-he-us' He Video Still

Now that Triptych is finished, what’s your next project?

Last week I was contacted to do a video with Diana Krall later on this month. Beside that I am in the process of shooting several fashion-editorials and on an on-going project I creative-direct and photograph an image-campaign for a new high end shoe brand. I am also talking to ‘Jazz At Lincoln Center’ to do an exhibition and book-project of my Jazz Portrait Portfolio that was accepted by the Smithsonian Institution.

TRIPTYCH ‘us’ with VERONIKA & GIANLUCA, featuring CALVIN KLEIN from Fifth Legion on Vimeo.

For any of our readers that want to learn more about your work, where should we point them to?

Just go to my website thorstenroth.net and check out my social network media:


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