A Week After Hurricane Sandy

New York Magazine Cover highlighting the power outage in NY during/after Hurricane Sandy

New York Magazine Cover highlighting the power outage in NY during/after Hurricane Sandy

If you are able to read this online, chances are you have power and internet. The very fact that I’m able to write this on my computer and post it online showcases how the Lingerie Journal Studios in Westchester, NY and New York City were relatively (and thankfully) spared by Hurricane Sandy.

Some of my friends and family weren’t so lucky. My grandmother’s house was demolished by a falling tree and many of our friends are still without power in parts of the city. There’s a gas shortage in the area of Westchester where I live and all of us are bracing for another Northeaster next week.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone here on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. If you can help, please contact the Red Cross or your favorite charitable organization to see how you can donate time, support, money, supplies – anything.

If there’s anything the Lingerie Journal team can do to help our neighbors here in New York, please let us know. Please contact us directly at info@thelingeriejournal.com (as most of our team’s cell phones still do not work)

Thank you and stay safe!

-Luis Paredes, publisher

Contact the Red Cross to help


3 Comments on “A Week After Hurricane Sandy

  1. Hi Luis, Sorry for not keeping in touch. However I am glad and relief that you are safe. My sympathy and prayers to your grandmother, family and friends. Hopefully the electricity will be restore soon and everything is back to normal. If there is anything else needs to be done, let me know.
    Definitely donation on Red Cross. They are always there to help when you need them.
    Best Wishes.

    Kara Ogsuchewitz
    Moonlight Serenade Company

    • admin admin says:

      Great to hear from you! Thanks for the well-wishes! Things are getting back to normal slowly but surely here. Are you going to be back at ILS this april? -Luis

  2. Avatar shelly says:

    What a gripping and scary picture. Hope things are getting better.

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