About the Lingerie Journal

The Lingerie Journal’s mission is to inform and inspire readers about amazing lingerie brands and designers from around the world! We’re passionate about telling great stories, inspiring confidence and sharing swoon-worthy imagery.

To keep our pulse on the lingerie world, the Lingerie Journal is updated daily by the TLJ Editorial Team with posts on new lingerie collections, lingerie trends, style advice, shopping guides, lingerie sale alerts, retail advice and links to boutiques around the world.

The Lingerie Journal is also a trusted resource quoted on CNN, Forbes, Slate, Black Enterprise, Bustle and the Street amongst other notable publications and sites.

Who Reads the Lingerie Journal?

Consumers from North America, Europe and around the world who share a passion for lingerie and actively seek out information on brands and where they can make their next purchases.

The Lingerie Journal is also a magnet for bloggers, journalists and influencers who come to the site to research lingerie companies, designers, trends and industry news.

We also have a large audience of intimate apparel retailers that read the Lingerie Journal to find out more about the brands they’d like to introduce to their own consumers.

Work with the Lingerie Journal

Over the years, we’ve successfully helped intimate apparel brands break into new markets, reach consumers and attract retail partners. We also have helped promote boutiques to encourage visits and sales to their brick-and-mortar and/or online locations.


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