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Activ Intimates
Sheer Playlette with inset lace panel pairs beautifully with the black lace Poncho Peignoir, both by Activ Intimates.

Move over, Teddy, there’s a new player in town. Introducing the Playlette, the flagship lingerie style of Scottsdale-based startup, Activ Intimates. Created to inspire confidence in the bedroom, the Playlette is uniquely designed to wear before, during and after sex.

“Nothing extinguishes a romantic flame like inhibitions. If your self-perception is negative, the sexual experience is compromised for you and your partner,” say co-owners/designers, Laurie McMordie and CJ Hersch. “The Playlette solves the ‘I wish I looked better naked’ self-talk that crushes the mood. Our design provides exposure and accessibility to sexually sensitive areas while attending to details like tummies, thighs and bottoms with thoughtfully selected fabrics and innovative garters to keep everything in place.”

Activ Intimates
Mini Playlette by Activ Intimates – perfect for women who prefer less coverage. Pull over the breasts, as shown above, or under with breasts exposed. No garters needed for this Playlette – silicone-backed elastic along top and bottom edges keep everything in place.

The Playlette makes its debut in the company’s Kickstarter campaign, expected to launch in June with the goal to fund their first production run. The campaign features three Playlette styles— Lacy, Sheer and Mini (sans garter version). “We’re excited to show women a new kind of lingerie that has been missing from the intimates’ market. The Playlette changes what’s possible in the bedroom.”

Activ Intimates
Lacy Playlette, so freely sensual, by Activ Intimates.

Careful attention to detail starts with a foundation of performance power mesh to provide gentle lift and comfortable support. Lace is added to finesse each style with elements of ruching and contrasting patterns and textures. “We believe all women are sexy so we are not reshaping. The Playlette moves with you. It’s freeing and fun to wear.” When it comes to lingerie, Activ Intimates operates on a simple guiding principle: The perfect lingerie combines functional design, a sexy aesthetic and fabrics that feel great on the skin.

Initial Playlette pricing ranges from $85 – $160. “We see the Playlette as an indulgence with a pleasurable return on investment,” says CJ. “The price reflects unique functionality, impeccable quality and our commitment to manufacturing in the USA.” Initial product reviews support their pricing position. Women (and their partners) who tested the Playlette agreed that there is undeniable value in lingerie that enhances their sexual experience. In the end, the testers asked one question – “When and where can I buy?”

Activ Intimates
All-over lace and ruching – signature features of the Lacy Playlette by Activ Intimates.

Activ Intimates received similar accolades when their lingerie debuted at the ‘Wear We Art’ Fashion Show during LA Fashion Week 2017. “We’re selling confidence in the bedroom,” explains Laurie. “The Playlette is the perfect addition to any woman’s lingerie collection and we believe it will become her favorite.”

Activ Intimates also has an answer for lounge time. Their Playful Loungewear Collection will be available to purchase online in July. Innovative styling, versatility and a twist of originality define this effortlessly sexy collection.

Activ Intimates
Activ Intimates’ flowing Lounge Pants feature their signature fold-over waistband. Wear up for tummy coverage or down to reveal a hint of rose knit suede. A Playful Collection favorite, the versatile Lounge Top can be worn with the opening in front or back and makes this a perfect lounge set.

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About Activ Intimates:
Owners, Laurie McMordie & CJ Hersch. Sisters from Scottsdale, Arizona, inspiring confidence in the bedroom.

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