Adore Holiday Capsule collection is Sexy wrapped in RED

Adore Holiday Capsule collection

“Adore Holiday Capsule collection is sexy wrapped in RED.”

This holiday season, Adore Red invites you to live in the realm of passion stoked by lust and anticipation. The brand unveiled five styles that you need now for the holidays – be it Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s day. Whatever the festivity, the brand assures that you will always be boudoir ready!

“There is something about the holidays…any holiday actually, that gives you a jolt of excitement and anticipation,” said Peline Kurtdarcan, marketing director for Adore. “It is the ritual of dressing up and preparing yourself, and giving a seemingly ordinary day, extraordinary meaning. Otherwise we would be lost in a boring sea of monotony.”

Red is the new black this season, being the universal language of seduction that requires no translation. Hence we created our iconic dress, body, teddy, hoodie and cape in red.

Leia Mermaid Dress

Adore Holiday Capsule collection

Leia Mermaid dress takes on a new identity in red, with its tulle tail creating swirls of passion. The way it hugs the body to accent each curve is irresistible. It is definitely not for public consumption;)

Freya Angel of Love Lace Teddy

Adore Holiday Capsule collection
Freya Angel of love lace teddy in red is the hottest of hot, especially when you pair it with stay up red fishnets. Wear it under a very simple black dress to create little ripples of excitement, for when it comes off.

Chloe sweet & Delicious Hoodie

Adore Holiday Capsule collection
Chloe sweet & delicious hoodie is…and here you pause…because it’s almost indescribable … you have to wear it to understand, and you have to admire it on to fully appreciate its full impact.

Coco Enchanting Sleeveless Sequins & Sheer Body

Adore Holiday Capsule collection

Coco enchanting sleeveless sequins & sheer body is the epitome of glamour with the teasing never ending body zipper.

Coco Cape

Adore Holiday Capsule collection
Coco cape creates a butterfly effect at first drape over your shoulders. It is like the icing on the cake of seduction, but of course you have to dress up for it first.

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