Adore Intimates SS18 Collection

Adore Intimates SS18 sweet & delicious fishnet body with hoodie

Above: Adore Intimates’ Sweet & Delicious Fishnet bodysuit with hoodie.

“These decadent lingerie pieces enhance your every look and mood, making you look breathtakingly sexy and fabulous…” – Peline Kurtdarcan, Adore Intimates.

Imagine yourself in a bodysuit paired with skinny black jeans and high heels. Now, reach behind your neck and gently tug at the attached sheer hoodie until it frames your face and admire the look you just created.

Adore Intimtes SS18 wild sheer bodysuit

Above: Wild Sheer Bodysuit.

If the idea of this style gets your pulse raising, then you’re going to swoon over the 26 core styles from the new Adore SS18 collection releasing later this month.

Created by Allure Lingerie in celebration of their 25th anniversary, Adore aims to inject the art of lingerie into daily life with seductively layerable intimates that pair with anything in your closet.

Adore Intimates SS18 angel of love lace teddy

Above: Angel of Love Lace Teddy.

This SS18 sees Adore Intimates debut with seven named collections and a panty range all available in small, medium and large. Styles include bodysuits, corselettes, dresses and accessories like the fabulous Coco cape.

“These decadent lingerie pieces enhance your every look and mood, making you look breathtakingly sexy and fabulous,” said Peline Kurtdarcan, Adore’s Marketing Director.

Adore Intimates SS18 luscious cage skirt with provocative lace bra

Above: Luscious Cage Skirt with Provocative Lace Bra.

The seven collections — Freya, Leia, Coco, Chloe, Skye, Tia and Alixx — are all named after women in fiction, real life or mythology. As such, each collection has its own vibe and aesthetic.

“When selecting the names we also put a lot of thought into a mood,” noted Peline. “Because women are very dynamic, the [Adore] pieces they wear act to convey their inside world out.”

Adore Intimates SS18 lace corselette inspired dress with garters

Above: Lace Corselette-inspired Dress with Garters.

The Freya collection is made up of designs that are exquisitely sexy in a complicated way says Peline adding, “Freya is the archetype of magic and there is an element of mystic mesmerization in all Freya pieces.”

Adore Intimates SS18 almost nude elegance with a twist, mesh dress

Above: Almost Nude Elegance with a Twist, Mesh Dress.

Adore notes that at the heart of the brand is one central muse — Women.

By contrast, Leia is all about breathless glamour says Adore’s designer noting this range is a sexier version of the goddess-inspired sister collection.

Adore Intimates SS18

Chloe is about sweet obsessions; Skye channels divine elegance with sheer panels and body hugging bands; Tia is slightly romantic adding chic twists to the classic bodysuit; Alixx, in contrast, is all about sleek and structured bodysuits and Coco is all about glitter and elegance.

Adore notes that at the heart of the brand is one central muse — Women.

Adore Intimates SS18 geometric sleek sheer body

Above: Geometric Sleek Sheer Bodysuit.

“Adore is inspired by the woman who knows that she is the center of attention, the one who exudes sexiness and drama in all that she does and is the ultimate style icon of her life,” said Peline. “The woman who wears Adore doesn’t need a reason to wear lingerie; she wears it just because she feels like celebrating every moment. She is complicated and chaotic, but is always sexy.”

Adore Intimates SS18 Stand Outs

Adore Intimates SS18 fantasy mermaid dress with tulle tail

Above: Fantasy Mermaid Dress with Tulle Tail.

One of the most iconic looks from the Adore collection is the Leia Fantasy Mermaid Dress with tulle tail.

“This dress is mesmerizingly sexy as it celebrates the hour glass silhouette with its captivating triangle bralette and strappy high waisted skirt that is then mischievously topped off with a swirl of luxurious tulle,” said Peline.

Adore Intimates SS18 enchanting sleeveless sequins & sheer high neck body

Above: Enchanting Sleeveless Sequins & Sheer High Neck Bodysuit.

The Coco sleeveless sequins bodysuit is another stunning look. It features a delicately clasped sequins choker neck while the back is elegantly all-sheer with an ultra long risqué zipper.

“All eyes are you when you pair Coco body with high rise short shorts or a fluid wide leg pant, or even let it peak out beneath a tailored blazer.”

See the Adore Intimates SS18 Collection at Altitude

Adore Intimates SS18 flirty & coy hooded lace bra and panty

Above: Flirty & Coy Hooded Lace Bra and Panty.

If you’re heading to Altitude Intimates this month (April 17 – 19, 2018), you’ll be one of the firsts to see the Adore Intimates SS18 Collection in person.

Check back in a few weeks for some additional coverage of the Adore collection including a look at their panty range. In the mean time, make sure you explore their website and the image gallery at the end of this story.

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