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Ajour Sexy Collection SS18 AJOUR_HAWKINS

See the Ajour Sexy Collection SS18 at Altitude Intimates, April 17 – 19, 2018 in Las Vegas.

“A woman must always remain a mystery!” exclaims Ajour Lingerie team. “After all, if you completely expose your best parts – there will be no intrigue”.

There is no doubt that this European luxury lingerie brand could be considered an expert in the world of all things sexy. With their currently available SS18 collection, which we discussed in an earlier article, Ajour has released two lines of intimates for the spring/summer season, their main line collection and the Ajour Sexy Lingerie collection.


Above: Voynich.

Although the Ajour Sexy Lingerie line is pulse-racing and tantalizing, the Ukrainian brand explains “Our designers always try to make every set of lingerie elegant and sophisticated”.

Ajour Sexy SS18 Beauvoir

Above: Beauvoir.

Consisting of seven styles, the Changeux, Voynich, Sand, Beauvoir, Hawkins, Lessing, and Sagan, this collection magnificently combines sex appeal with beautifully made and well-fitting lingerie. The Ajour designer duo, Tetiana and Vitaly Novitsky, gave us a tempting peek into their gorgeous Sexy Lingerie line for 2018.

Literary Inspiration

Ajour Sexy SS18 CHANGEUX

Above: Changeux.

One of the most eye-catching styles from this line is the embroidered lace and sheer-paneled Changeux. Named after the French writer, Simon Changeux (pseudonym Anne Golon), who authored the French historical adventure book series Angelique, this style comes as a long-line demi bra and a padded push-up bra.

Ajour Sexy SS18 CHANGEUX

Above: Changeux.

Tetiana explains that, in the book, “All the men with whom [Angelique] communicated fell in love with her. It’s just like in our line- love at first sight”. The purple Swiss embroidery of the Changeux pairs beautifully with its black Italian stretch fabric. The Changeux also comes with a garter belt, thong and brief!

Smooth Sexiness

Ajour Sexy SS18 SAGAN

Above: Sagan.

Simple and sexy! When asked to choose the style that represents the Sexy line most, Ajour quickly replied, “Sagan! As strange as it sounds, even a simple smooth bra can be sexy if you add a lace to it. Openwork mask, transparent lace bracelets and choker add seductiveness to this lingerie set and makes it elegant, like our entire lingerie”.

Ajour Sexy Collection Sagan with chocker

Above: Sagan.

This style possesses that perfect ability to go from day to night, which is so essential for shoppers looking to splurge on that one perfect luxury lingerie set!

In our last article on Ajour’s SS18 line, Tetiana and Vitaly Novitsky noted that Sagan and Sand were the best-sellers for the Sexy collection. As predicted, there has been a shift!

Ajour Sexy SS18 Lessing Lingerie Set

Above: Lessing.

“Clients began to be more interested in the Lessing line. Lessing is a line for sophisticated temptation with notes of catlike grace. It adds to its owner self-confidence, and also fuels the desire for reincarnation into a true temptress”.

Ajour Sexy SS18 Lessing bodysuit

Above: Lessing.

Ajour explains, “The luxurious Lessing bodysuits fully reveals the beauty of a woman and allows you to feel seductive. A soft cup made of Spanish mesh with embroidery fastens around the neck, perfectly emphasizing the natural beauty of the bust and giving an image of ease and relaxation. The style is extremely comfortable and can be worn with a backless dress for a seductive touch”.

Ajour has always been fashion forward brand and there’s a great reason from that. “Our designers are very watchful for new trends in the world of lingerie fashion and capture future trends sometimes even before they seem to become known to the general public”.

See Ajour at Altitude Intimates

Ajour Sexy FW18/19 SHARON

Above: Sharon for FW18/19.

With their fingers on the pulse of fashion and a dedication to quality intimates, it’s no surprise that this European luxury lingerie brand is so popular at trade shows across the globe! This April, Ajour will travel to Las Vegas for the Altitude Intimates Show. With an estimated one thousand buyers expected to attend, it’s definitely a great idea to set an appointment with this brand to see their beautiful offerings for 2018 and 2019 in person!

Learn More about the Ajour Sexy Collection SS18

Contact: Tetiana Novitska and Vitaly Novitsky
Email: ajour.us@gmail.com
Website: www.AJOUR.com

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