AJOUR SS18 Lingerie, Swimwear Collection


Above: Austen for SS18. See Ajour at the Altitude Intimates show next month!

Is there anything in the world more inspiring than the first blooms of Spring? The beautiful colors, delicate petals and the soft breezes of the season have served to inspire many artists, including the creators of our favorite brands. European lingerie and swimwear brand, Ajour, has created their own endless supply of sunshine in their newest collections for Spring/Summer 2018. With both a swimwear line and two lingerie collections, this luxurious label has made themselves the go-to brand for shoppers and retailers looking to refresh their collections for the upcoming season.


Above: Gilbert lingerie set.

Last August, the Lingerie Journal got its first taste of Ajour’s SS18 collection. It may have been several months ago, but it’s been impossible to forget this decadent and beautiful collection. As predicted, the buyer reaction to both the swimwear and lingerie collections have been fabulous according to the brand.


Above: Shelly lingerie set.

Made up of two lines, Lingerie and Sexy Lingerie, Ajour’s SS18 line is already getting plenty of re-orders. When it comes to their Lingerie line, Design duo, Tetiana and Vitaly Novitsky, explain “Of course, in Spring, it’s better to sell lingerie that has bright colors, such as Austin and Mayer, but our best-sellers also include our nude-colored styles [McCullough, Hawkins and Shelley].”

CURVENEWYORK February 2018 Ajour booth

Above: the AJOUR team at last month’s CURVENEWYORK.

“Women who are not only practical but also self-confident and empowered choose them. Additionally, our underwear, even in the usual nude color, fully corresponds to the style of AJOUR – it is exquisite, comfortable and sexy”. The Lingerie for the SS18 collection features eleven lines: Shelly, Changeux, Gilbert, Brontë, Hawkins, Voynich, Austen, Christie, McCullough, Oliver, and Meyer.

AJOUR SS18 Sagan

Above: Sagan from the Ajour SS18 Sexy Collection.

The Sexy Lingerie line from Ajour is for the sensual. Consisting of seven pulse-racing lines, the Changeux, Voynich, Sand, Beauvoir, Hawkins, Lessing, and Sagan make up the brand’s Sexy Lingerie offerings for SS18. As you can see from the shared line names, some of the styles from the Lingerie collection made their way to the Sexy Lingerie collection where they got an even sexier design and silhouette.

AJOUR SS18 Sexy Collection Sand

Above: Sand from the Ajour SS18 Sexy Collection.

Ajour explains that so far, Sagan and Sand have been leading in sales for the Sexy Lingerie line. “They are a seductive classic, decorated with a weightless lace. The underwear from the Sexy collection, can be worn everyday, because the desire to seduce your only one, may come at any moment”. That being said, Ajour feels this may shift because “…as soon as it gets warmer, women will want to be more exposed. Then, perhaps, the leaders will be Lessing and Beauvoir because a woman’s mood changes as quickly as the weather outside the window”.

Ajour SS18 Swimwear Puerto Plata

Above: Puerto Plata from the Ajour SS18 Swimwear collection.

The collection is in high demand, although the season has only begun!”

Ajour is also making a splash this season with their jet-set inspired swimwear line. The designers explain, “In this season, our Swimwear lines are named after the most famous beaches of the world. All our clients travel and visit new resorts and we often see women in our swimsuits outside of Ukraine. Of course, we are pleased and inspired by this, so when creating this collection, we wanted to imagine how a woman would like to look at Jumeirah, or in Saint Tropez, in order to feel confident, exquisite and catch a few flirty glances. We are now sure that we succeeded. The collection is in high demand, although the season has only begun!”

Ajour SS18 Malaga

Above: Malaga swim cover up.

Reading over the names of these gorgeous swimwear styles is enough to pull you off into a daydream! Ibiza, Nice, Puerto Plata, Varadero, Jumeirah, Costa Brava, Saint Tropez, Marmaris and Malaga make up the collection for Ajour’s 2018 swimwear line. Consisting of dramatic cover-ups, one-pieces, bikinis and children’s swimwear, the line has something for everyone. The swimwear line features the same level of design as their lingerie collections.

Ajour SS18 Jumeirah

Above: Jumeirah two-piece swim set.

Best of all, these suits are well-structured and feature support for those looking for lift and freedom from wardrobe malfunctions. For those needing more bust support, the Nice and Saint-Tropez styles feature a bra-like cup to provide uplift with just the right amount of coverage. Ajour has had great success with their swimwear line. Ajour’s designers explain, “Buyers love AJOUR swimwear styles because it has perfect combination of style, price and quality”.

Ready to spring into action? All Spring-Summer items from Ajour are ready for shipment! Ajour explains that “many of the boutiques have already sold out SS18 styles and have made replenishment orders. We always have enough stock, unless it is a best-seller that sells out rapidly in Ukraine and US at the same time”!

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Contact: Tetiana Novitska and Vitaly Novitsky
Email: ajour.us@gmail.com
Website: www.AJOUR.com

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