AJOUR Swim SS17 Collection

AJOUR Swim SS17 Empress

Above: AJOUR Swim SS17 Empress.

“Inspiration always goes from the heart…” – Tetiana Novitsky, AJOUR.

This summer great fitting swimwear gets better. AJOUR has expanded the size range in its popular swim collection, specifically for the US market.

“European customers differ from US customers not only in size requirements but in style requirements as well,” says company co-founder Vitaly Novitsky.

AJOUR Swim SS17 Albatros

Above: AJOUR’s Albatros.

SS17 Features Expanded Size Range

The collection, which encompasses all sizes, is inspired by rural island living combined with jungle motives, says the company. Bold floral prints and colorful stripes make a splash in the new styles, Discovery and Empress.

AJOUR Swim SS17 Minerva

Above: AJOUR’s Minerva set.

“Our garments are what we feel now, how we want you to feel: feminine, irresistible and self confident—no matter if you are XS or curvy woman.”

The Astor, Minerva, Arcadia, Aurora collections come in solid blacks and black with graphic prints.

“Inspiration always goes from the heart,” says Tetiana Novitsky. “It is not only seeing the trends of the fashion world. Our garments are what we feel now, how we want you to feel: feminine, irresistible and self confident—no matter if you are XS or curvy woman.”

AJOUR Swim SS17 Arcadia

Above: AJOUR’s Arcadia.

Created with US tastes in mind

The new styles that are geared specifically towards the US market include Arcadia’s halter-neck soft full cup bikini top with underwire and soft full cup bikini tops with underwire. These four styles go up to a 32 through 42 band and C through G cup.

AJOUR Swim SS17 Aurora

Above: AJOUR’s Aurora.

Fit, Function & Beauty

The line also features boy short bikini bottoms, Minerva and Astor styles hk1 and hk10, with vertical side ties that allow you to adjust the height of the short. For more modesty, Minerva’s petticoat bikini bottom, style tku5, is also available. Tankini tops and modest one-piece styles with skirt bottoms have also been added to the collection this season.

AJOUR Swim SS17 Adriana

Above: AJOUR’s Adriana.

So far the new range of sizes has been receiving positive reviews. “Customers love the fit,” says Vitaly. “AJOUR garments are the combination of style, fashion colors and perfect fit.”

This collection is available in US based retailers including Le Bustiere Boutique in Washington DC, Les Boudoirs in Thousand Oaks, CA, La De Da Lingerie in Webster, TX, Jaryam in Washington DC, Kaprezza in San Diego, CA, Sara’s Lingerie in Los Angeles, CA, Intima European Lingerie in Carmel, CA, and Luxe & Le Bra in Beverly Hills, CA.

Questions about the AJOUR Swim SS17 Collection?

For more information on the swim collection email ajour.us@gmail.com or visit www.ajour.com

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