Allettare Bralette Review

Allettare Rialto Bra Review

“The Rialto will definitely be added to my everyday lingerie rotation.”

Allettare—my brain fumbled over the name of this upcoming brand when I was asked by my publisher to review one of their popular styles. I know I had seen Allettare somewhere on social media but the name escaped me. Little did I know, that I was about to be seduced by this buzzworthy brand.

Let me start by saying, I LOVE going blindly into product reviews. The less I know, the better. It’s so rare and special to interact with a beautiful piece of lingerie with no prior knowledge or preconceptions of a brand and just getting to experience the item organically.

Allettare, is an Italian word, meaning to seduce, entice, attract. This left me eager to open my mystery package from the American designer.

Allettare Product Review letter

Upboxing the lovely package from Allettare revealed a beautiful black bralette, known as the Rialto. It was so delicately wrapped that I stood there taking so many unnecessary pictures of it for Instagram! Sighhhh, can you blame me?

The Rialto

Allettare Rialto Bra Review

Like many bralettes, the Rialto is not cup-sized, but is offered in XS, S, M and L. As a 30DD/32D I was given a size small, which fit perfectly! The bralette has three different sets of hook and eye closures in the back if you need a tighter band. I felt most comfortable using the tightest set of hooks, but that’s pretty standard at this point for me when wearing bralettes.

Allettare Bralette Review

The Rialto is available in a sexy black stretch lace and has a long-line bra shape. I always find this longer shape a little comfier and it usually proves to be a bit more supportive than your average bra shape. The Rialto is wire-free and wonderful! There is side boning but I couldn’t even feel it as I wore it. The side boning is about two inches from my armpit so I never felt it dig into me once! The shape, patterning and stretch lace did provide a surprising amount of support and lift. The lift from the Rialto was very flattering but still faithful to its aesthetic of giving the wearer’s a natural looking breast shape.

Allettare Rialto Bra Review

The back of the Rialto is a strappy masterpiece! It’s a very fresh and minimal take on the super popular BDSM inspired trend in lingerie. I can imagine this peeking out seductively from a backless top or loose fitting tank in summer. I thought the lack of strap adjusters would be a fit nightmare but as I tried it on, I saw that the two bra straps can be worn closer together or more straight-up and down for a super easy and customizable look!

The large-scale lace pattern is also nicely balanced by the thick black straps of the Rialto and walks the tightrope of too sexy and too girly with incredible ease. As discussed in our previous article about Allettare, founder Tran says, “….with the exception of a few sets that are meant more for the bedroom, I want every piece to be something you can wear daily… My collection is meant for modern working women…They want function, luxury and style within a budget”.


Allettare Rialto Bra Review

The Rialto definitely embodies all those values. With a price tag of only $98, the Rialto will definitely be added to my everyday lingerie rotation. It’s supportive and comfortable to wear when on the go, but it also has that special design element that makes you feel beautiful all day long. It’s no surprise to learn that the Rialto is one of Allettare’s best-selling styles!

Although the Rialto had me living my Sophia Loren fantasy, Allettare is actually an American brand and one hundred percent made in the USA. Perfect for those looking to shop sweatshop free brands! This beautiful bralette is beautifully made and should stay in good shape if you handle it with care.

Allettare recommends hand wash only for the Rialto and I think that’s a fair thing to ask for so beautiful a bralette. Besides, how can I begrudge my bras for loving bubble baths as much I do?

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