Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

“Allettare means ‘to seduce, entice, attract’ in Italian. I liked that it’s a verb, a call to action,” – Tran Ta.

It takes just that one moment in time for someone to realize their true calling and, for former finance professional, Tran Ta, that serendipitous occasion occurred when she met a stranger in the Louvre, Paris and he encouraged her to pursue studies in design.

Attending French design school rebirthed her dormant desire to impact the world with her creative potential. In 2014 Tran launched Allettare, a 100 percent American-made intimate apparel brand, crafted intentionally for today’s woman on the go, who is fashion conscious but within her means.

“My collection is meant for modern working women,” says brand founder, Tran. “They want function, luxury and style within a budget.”

Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

Tran’s vision is to empower the contemporary female to live her dreams and passions, just as she, herself, fearlessly unearthed her artistic identity and now follows her chosen path as a designer.

“Allettare means ‘to seduce, entice, attract’ in Italian. I liked that it’s a verb, a call to action,” Tran explains. “I have always believed that with the right attitude, you can attract whatever your heart desires, whether that be a new lifestyle, career or, of course, an individual. Lingerie can be a tool to give you that confidence.”

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Tran’s designs take inspiration from European lingerie styling, which she distinguishes as more understated than in the American market.

“What is perceived as sexy in Europe and America is very different,” Tran reasons. “Europeans appreciate a more natural look, which is what I prefer and try to convey through my images. The French, Italians and British have different approaches to lingerie design, and I love looking to them for inspiration.”

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Allettare’s assortment is built on a combination of classic and on-trend silhouettes and the collection boasts beautiful bra sets flaunting gorgeous graphic lace designs, bust-enhancing silhouettes and flirty transparent fabrics.

Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

The feel of textiles, design practicality and potential longevity of the piece all play a part in how Tran fashions individual styles.

“With the exception of a few sets that are meant more for the bedroom, I want every piece to be something you can wear daily,” she says. “I design every piece with an intent, action or outfit in mind. For the Kent set, I’ve used sweat-wicking fabric in the bands because of the Texas heat in the summers. I imagined it as a set you’d wear when you’re running around doing errands.”

Besides pretty but practical Kent, Allettare also presents Rialto, the comfortable bestseller with graphic lace architecture yet the feel of sportswear. Wire-free Malena features stretched lace adorned with scalloped edges and double elastic underbust. Stella is a sensually plunged racerback triangle bra fitted with a wide elastic underband for lift and support. The delightful Chloe, another wire-free with vintage influence, is created from delicate sheer tulle.

Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

The striking Isabel is an ode to spring, fashioned from rich hand dyed pink silk, which complements beautiful scribbles of lace in Watermelon Cooler against Italian tulle. Non-wired styles are up to size Large with underwired, to D plus.

With such a varied collection, Tran believes she has given women the opportunity to invest in her pieces and portray themselves as the Allettare muse on which she has fixed her brand.

“The Allettare woman is someone who is full of energy and ambition,” she clarifies. “She loves fashion, but it’s not her priority. She wants to put her best foot forward using her self-expression. I think the designs I create are different enough to represent women with various styles.”

Tran is partial to the Rialto, her first ever design which was inspired by her yoga bras and the Malena, her comfort piece, ideal for long-haul flights. She says she wants Allettare to be perceived as a go-to range that can be relied upon for any need and occasion.

Allettare: Enticing American-Made Lingerie

“I would love to evolve Allettare into a lifestyle brand one day and introduce other product categories such as ready-to-wear that will complement the lingerie products,” Tran shares. “But the focus and challenge will always be to create beautiful but wearable lingerie pieces. I listen to my customers and they tell me what I should create. I’ve had many requests for bras with padding and a bridal collection.”

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