Allettare Intimates Bridal Lingerie Collection

Allettare Intimates Looks to New Direction

Above: the new Allettare Maddie Bridal Lingerie set.

“I think brands always have to evolve. It’s a process of constantly refining and improving what you want to say.” — Tran Ta

Since 2014, American-made brand Allettare is known for seducing women with aesthetically pleasing lingerie designed to conform to the wearer’s natural silhouette.

Founder and designer, Tran Ta, fashioned Allettare as a brand that would fit effortlessly into the lifestyle and budget of the busy, modern woman who desires a touch of luxury but within her means. Despite the brand’s delicate feminine features, Allettare designs are built for function and longevity – to serve as go-to pieces for that woman on the go.

Although she feels that she is generally moving in line with her mission, in her effort to ensure that she fulfills the vision that she first imagined for her brand, Tran is now embracing new ideas and avenues for Allettare.

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Some of the enhancements she will be pursuing include fine-tuning the brand’s aesthetics, editorial expression, product offerings, and social media presence.

“My brand vision has been the same since I’ve started, but I didn’t feel like it was quite there yet,” Tran explains. “I think brands always have to evolve. It’s a process of constantly refining and improving what you want to say.”

Artistic Design Emerges

Allettare signifies the rebirth of Tran’s once-dormant love of artistic design which made her chase her passion for lingerie fashion. Using her bold creativity as a platform, she set out to inspire other women to find the courage to follow their dreams. For her, this is still essential to Allettare and will continue to underpin the brand.

“The vision for Allettare is remaining the same, which is to empower women so they can set out to achieve whatever they desire,” Tran says. “That will always be the mission. Lingerie can be a tool used to instill confidence.”

Visually refining Allettare will bring Tran closer to expressing the message she wants to give women concerning their right to embrace their own kind of beauty free of external pressures. She plans to channel her philosophical authenticity through her design and editorial process.

a Natural Aesthetic

Allettare Intimates Looks to New Direction

“Lingerie can be a tool used to instill confidence.”

“I have mentioned before that I’ve always appreciated a more natural aesthetic,” Tran says. “Authenticity is key for me. I think society has shaped women to think sexuality is overt – you have to embody a certain ideal to be called sexy. I think it’s something everyone has because it’s a feeling.”

We should expect a certain daring innocence, sincerity and even uniqueness to the imagery representing Allettare, which Tran points out will be one of the most notable changes.

Allettare Gia

“I’ve been inspired by the editorial work of some of my favorite ready-to-wear designers,” she says. “I’ve been trying to not look at what other lingerie designers are doing as much. My photographer is also a fine artist who has never shot lingerie before so there’s a freshness to the images.”

Allettare’s media image will also be enhanced with the introduction of lifestyle content to the website, a necessary move given the significant role of social media and market outreach on brand awareness.

“I suppose I am categorized to be in the luxury market,” Tran adds, “but people perceive luxury as cold. I want to appear softer and more approachable.”

Bridal Lingerie Boost

Allettare Intimates Looks to New Direction

She is also shaping up her brand to better fit the bridal lingerie market with more emphasis on pieces fit for that special occasion.

“I always get asked about bridal lingerie sets, especially being based in Dallas,” she says. “There’s a huge bridal market here. Plus, I have a lot of friends that recently got married or are about to get married!”

Tran currently offers three pieces – Maddie, Flora and Delano – that can be adequately employed as bridal wear.

Bridal Fabrics & Textures

Allettare Intimates Looks to New Direction

“The Maddie set is made of two-way stretch sequined tulle. I have never liked sequins but for some reason, I thought it would be stunning as a bridal piece,” Tran says, “It’s an easy fit because it’s a triangle bralette with a silk underband. It also has a suspender, which I have never made before.”

Flora is beautifully made of tulle and Chantilly lace and fulfills one of Tran’s personal design goals.
“I have always wanted to design a piece with a bit of a ruffle,” she says. “The piece is one size fits all since it’s held together by just a silk ribbon in the back.”

Allettare Intimates Looks to New Direction

Delano was introduced to appease customer demand. “I put less focus on my silk bralettes before, but I received such positive feedback on them that I brought them back in the Delano,” Tran says. “One is white and the other sky blue. I always listen to the customer.”

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Allettare Intimates Bridal Lingerie

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