Allure Fall/Holiday 2019-20 Collection

Allure Fall Holiday 2019-20

“Lingerie tells a story of seduction. How and when a woman chooses to wear it speaks volumes about who she is and what she truly desires.”

If you are looking for a fabulous gift for a special someone or just want to pamper yourself, start with Allure Lingerie’s Fall/Holiday 2019-20.

The new pieces are stylish and the color-palette for the season is as delicious as the designs. The eye-catching and refined jewel tones of Raven, Azure and Ruby are bound to satisfy even the most demanding lingerie fanatics.

Allure Fall:Holiday 2019-20 Collection 1

The unique aesthetic of the Allure Collection is enhanced by the use of a delicate filigree of stretch laces that embrace the body and celebrate its movement. Paired with graceful silhouettes and striking details these pieces create a vibe of luxury and refinement.

Gisèle Lace & Mesh Teddy

Allure Fall:Holiday 2019-20 Collection Gisele Lace and Mesh Teddy

Gisèle Lace & Mesh Teddy unites delicate lace and bondage strapping as an unexpected stylish twist. It’s a statement and a go-to piece when one wants to feel both strong and beautiful.

Chic cutouts on the front and back of the Dahlia Lace Chemise charmingly show just a hint of bare skin. Paired with a G-string they both become quite a teaser.

Willow Lace Bra and Garter G-string Set

Allure Fall:Holiday 2019-20 Collection Willow Lace Bra and Garter Gstring set

Willow Lace Bra and Garter G-string Set is a playful duo designed to turn any night into an exciting venture. Decorated with a mesh flounce, the garter belt is versatile as garters can be detached in exchange for a pair of stockings.

Romantic Isla Mesh Babydoll with G-string

Allure Fall:Holiday 2019-20 Collection Isla Mesh babydoll and gstring

Romantic Isla Mesh Babydoll with G-string bears lightness of mesh and is adorned with lace and bows. Its youthful silhouette, underpinned by femininity, is fresh and delicate.

Camille Mesh Bralette and Panty

Allure Camille Mesh Bralette and Panty

Eyes rest on the simple forms of the Camille Mesh Bralette and Panty. Elegant and minimalistic this ensemble is a perfect everyday indulgence, like a pastry or a piece of chocolate.

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The Allure Collection has something awe-inspiring for everyone. So all of you out there: romantics, protagonists, seductresses, charmers, minimalists and lovers of all lavish, treat yourselves to an accouterment of the delightful lingerie at


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