Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection

Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection Be Goddesss Top and Cheeky Shorts Set

Above: Be Goddesss Top and Cheeky Shorts Set.

How would you mark 25 years in business? With lingerie of course! This year, Allure Lingerie caps off this huge milestone with the release of its Red and Black Collections celebrating fantasy as the essence of lingerie.

The Black collection is daring edginess that reaches a darker side of play while the Red collection celebrates a teasing sensual delicateness.

“The juxtaposition of these two collections tantalizingly plays off of each other, enticing you to divulge in the secret world of both.” said Peline Kurtdarcan, Allure’s Marketing Director.

Teasing Sensual Delicateness

Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection Rebecca Shrug and Panty Set
One of the most intriguing looks from the Red Collection is the Rebecca Shrug and Panty Set (pictured above). The shrug has heart crossing straps, with a wetlook back. The panty has the has same sheer striped back and flirty criss cross straps that hug the hips and waist.

We can see consumers pairing this style with bold ready-to-wear looks. And in just a few weeks, the Lingerie Journal unveils a review by Melissa Cherniss of some of these pieces.

Darker Side of Play

Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection Blaze Playset

Above: Blaze Playset.

Untamed Heart. Ravish. Scandalous. Electra. The names say it all – Allure’s Black Collection is all about bold, risqué looks designed for those who don’t mind showing off. Pieces are made from faux leather with BDSM elements and metal hardware highlighting several styles. Pasties are included in most looks.

For those straddling the fence about some of the bare styles, the Black collection includes the Scandalous Crush Playsuit and Blaze Playset as options for those that want a bit more coverage.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection Electra Playset

Above: Electra Playset.

Each Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection piece is infused with sensuality and endless possible stories, hence for 25 years the question has always been, ‘who do you want to be today?’

Peline says that Allure’s designers create to ignite the sensory exploration of the mind and body. The brand aims to transcend the boundaries of daily life by letting its lingerie act as the navigation to the Neverland of her mind.

“Wearing lingerie is more than putting something sexy on, it is a form of storytelling where you are the star of your fantasy.” said Peline.

Quarter Century of Lingerie

Allure Lingerie 25th Anniversary Collection Sugar Blossom Bra Set

Above: Sugar Blossom Bra Set.

For 25 years, Allure has created lingerie for the woman who is unapologetically sexy in all that she thinks, feels, and ultimately does.

Each Allure piece has its signature mark of having some form of a Rock chic vibe that is omnipresent, fusing sexy as an attitude with wild hearted sexuality. This melody of edge mixed with softness is what makes each piece irresistible.

The Allure woman is eternally a cool chic that has an identity that breaks all the rules, because she chooses to interpret the world through her own lens that is forever changing with her mood. She doesn’t need approval because she simply lives to make herself happy.

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