Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Melissa Cherniss wearing Allure Lingerie's Sienna Teddy

“Thankfully, the bodysuits sent by Allure have reminded me that there is no reason to want to look like anyone else and that my body is beautiful just the way it is.”

I‘ll go ahead and share with you a little secret. Bodysuits are probably my favorite piece of lingerie. I mean, is there a more natural layering piece?

They are so simple to style right into your everyday outfit. Better yet, they are practically perfect for just about any occasion. They are especially helpful for those mornings when you press the snooze button too many times, or when you’re looking to spice things up for date night. You know, something that will help make your partner wonder a bit.

But let’s face it; nailing the fit to any style bodysuit can be tricky. Not only do you have to take your dress size into account, but also your bra size and height.

We’ll use my body, for example: Bra Size: 34D | Dress/Pant Size: 6/8 | Height: 5’9

I have a constant dilemma of what size to order, even more so, now that I am struggling with my new body image. I haven’t knocked off those few pounds from this past holiday season. I’m not going to lie, these changes to my body have left me with insecurities. I’ve been reluctant to try out any new bodysuits that are a tad more revealing because I’m afraid that I won’t look like the models posing in the pictures.

Thankfully, the bodysuits sent by Allure have reminded me that there is no reason to want to look like anyone else and that my body is beautiful just the way it is. My worries about the size and fit were gone when I stepped into the first style. It makes sense that Allure knows how to make a bodysuit, seeing they are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

The Candy Teddy

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

“It is a fierce look—the mesh and faux leather fabric give the style a unique edginess.”

With the luck of the bodysuit, this was the first style I tried on. I was slightly apprehensive on the fit at first, because I was given a size s/m. So, I quickly slipped it on and immediately paired it off with black jeans and leopard booties. I walked over to my hotel mirror and stood there for a moment stunned. My instincts lead me to grab my purse and leather jacket to go out and explore Denver because for the first time, in a long time, I felt hot.

It is a fierce look—the mesh and faux leather fabric give the style a unique edginess. It’s quite easy to put on. Like other bodysuits, you step right in and then place the top half over your head.

Don’t worry, there is quite a bit of stretch in the faux leather. The stretchiness also allows the style to contour nicely over the body, highlighting your best assets. It doesn’t cut into your hips, whatsoever, nor does it give any VPL (visible panty lines). This means it can be styled with just about any bottom you can think of, like dress pants or pencil skirts. Ladies, it’s all about the pieces you can wear on multiple occasions. Oh, and let’s not forget about the shoulders. Again, the fabric is flexible and lies nicely over your shoulder area. No awkward arm bulge. Seriously, this piece is so flattering over every curve.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Can we address the front design for a hot second? Talk about a statement. And I am totally OBSESSED. The mesh actually continues well past the belly-button, ending closer to the pelvic bone. I love how it’s sheer over most of the body, but full coverage entirely over the breasts. Plus, it’s nice to have a thicker fabric during colder moments, if you know what I mean. There were zero issues with the placement of the covered material. I thought maybe after walking a block or two I would have to adjust myself. But a quick peek in the bathroom confirmed that everything was in place. The bottom half also held up during my walk. Briefs are typically a hard style for my body type. Usually, with every single step, a piece of fabric will slow ride higher and higher. Eventually turning the piece into the most uncomfortable garment ever to be made. But there is something about the material and design that keeps everything flat and secured. Sitting up and down, after ordering two Shirley Temple’s was not a dreadful experience.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Overall, this bodysuit would be a great addition to anyone’s lingerie collection. It’s versatile, flattering with a touch of edginess. What more could a girl ask for?

The Sienna Teddy

Melissa Cherniss wears Allure Lingerie's Sienna Teddy

“I’ve got to say, Allure really knows drama and how to make a statement.”

Allure was kind enough to send me a second style to try on and review. It’s quite the contrary to the Candy bodysuit, given the dramatic lace details. It has a much more romantic vibe, if you will. I think this would be an excellent pick for date night. You will undoubtedly, have your partner’s attention entirely focused on you. (But remember, it’s more important to feel confident for yourself, rather than trying to please someone else).

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Just like any bodysuit, this one you step right into. What is unique to this bodysuit is that there is a fasten on the neck strap for easy access, making it much easier than trying to fit your head through the neck hole. And you do not have to worry about it stretching out too much. But getting the hook unfastened can be a bit tricky. So please do not get discouraged if it doesn’t unfasten your very first try (it took me a few times to get it undone). No need to panic, my trick is pretty simple. Start by laying the neck strap flat onto your neck. Then go ahead, and place your right hand on the hook, and your left hand over the loop. Now, push the hook all the way to the left side of the looped fabric. It should then easily slide right up and release out.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

“These bodysuits have helped lift my spirits, to remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am.”

Also be sure to tie the ribbon tight, before putting on the bodysuit. It was a touch tricky trying to fight off gravity, holding my breasts, and tying a piece of string. Save yourself the agony and do it beforehand, trust me on this.

Overall, I found this piece to be extremely comfortable. So much so that I decided to lie around in bed all morning waiting for room service. (Don’t worry, I wore a robe when answering the door.) I know that we can be a little picky when it comes to our lace pieces. We’re looking for something that’s easy on the eye, contains a bit of stretch, and does not irritate the skin. That’s not too much to ask for, right? Well, I think this piece hits all of the criteria, and better yet, it forms nicely over the body.

Let’s get back into the beautiful neckline. I’ve got to say, Allure really knows drama and how to make a statement. The eyelash trim is probably my favorite little detail on this piece. But I am all about my garments having the added “je ne sais quoi” feature. Unfortunately, this piece was a little bit difficult to move around in. The moment I lifted my arm, a boob would pop out (not a cute look). With that being said, one size up (l/xl) would solve that problem.

I would highly recommend either piece from their 25th Anniversary Collection. These bodysuits have helped lift my spirits, to remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am. Everyone deserves a chance to capture that feeling. Thank you Allure! And ladies, go take your pick!

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