AnaOno Intimates

AnaOno Intimates

“We want to offer bras that not only fit right and fit all breast shapes and surgeries, but bras that are also pretty and sexy.” — Dana Donofree, AnaOno Intimates.

AnaOno Intimates announces the launch of its lingerie line for women who have had breast-related surgery following a cancer diagnosis. AnaOno is an original retailer of intimates exclusively for breast cancer survivors.

Frustrated after her own personal struggles finding a bra that fit her newly reconstructed body, young breast cancer survivor Dana Donofree founded and designed the AnaOno Intimates line. With a background and education in fashion design and business, she knew there was a better way. With her experience and relationships with other survivors, she knew there was a need for women out there who felt the same.

AnaOno the Jill

Above: AnaOno the Jill.

“AnaOno’s bras and lingerie fit every type of surgery and reconstruction, both bilateral and unilateral.”

“I battled through the actual cancer and treatment part of the deal like a warrior. But I was totally unprepared for the ‘new normal’ — the life that comes after cancer,” said Donofree. “With all I had been through, it was my own bras that nearly took me down. None of them fit, and the ones that were available to my body were glorified sports bras. I was devastated, frustrated and felt powerless. So I did what I had been doing when fighting cancer. I took control.”

Above: AnaOno’s shortfilm: NeverAlone, featuring Breast Cancer Warrior, Jill Conley.

What sets AnaOno apart from other lingerie retailers stocking bras for women with breast reconstruction, notes Dana, is not only the unique, comfortable fit that relies more on dress size than cup size, but the selection of beautiful, carefully designed pieces that fit a variety of occasions and outfits says the company.

Donofree says knew she needed to not only offer a product that fit complicated shapes and sizes, but one that restored the feeling of beauty and allure that many women lose in the treatment process.

Ana Ono the Kelly

Above: AnaOno the Kelly.

“We want to offer bras that not only fit right and fit all breast shapes and surgeries, but bras that are also pretty and sexy,” Donofree said. “It’s important to feel beautiful, and it can start with the right lingerie, particularly for a woman who has felt a loss of femininity and sex appeal. And we want to be able to offer options that suit a variety of personalities, styles and needs.”

Ana Ono the Alejandra

Above: AnaOno the Alejandra.

Donofre feels that AnaOno’s line is important to the lingerie marketplace because women with breast cancer and mastectomies have a wide range of options when it comes to reconstruction, if they choose to reconstruct at all, and they need a different type of bra to accommodate those choices. Some women opt for saline or silicone implants, a result that differs greatly in comparison to women who have traditional enhancement surgery to their own breast tissue because the implants are immobile and firm. Some women undergo “FLAP” surgery where fatty tissue is removed from another area of the body and reattached to mimic breast tissue and may not have the same shape and consistency as natural breasts. Others choose not to reconstruct at all, leaving one natural breast and one removed breast. AnaOno’s bras and lingerie fit every type of surgery and reconstruction, both bilateral and unilateral.

Ana Ono the Jennifer AnaOno the Jennifer back view

Above: AnaOno the Jennifer.

“I fully believe there is a place for us in the retail sector,” Donofree said. “More and more women are winning the battle with breast cancer, and we hope to be there for them as a resource, a cheerleader and a brand that understands exactly what they are going through.”

Additionally, Donofree has partnered with breast cancer charities and events to raise awareness and money and 10% of all of AnaOno’s sales go to a selected charity each year. This year she’s been supporting Jill’s Wish, a nonprofit that offers financial assistance to women undergoing treatment. In the fall, AnaOno is also partnering with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, as well.

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    This is a very welcome need for the breast cancer community! Excited to check out the products!

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