Andreas Söffker becomes Sales & Marketing Manager of Gerhard Rösch GmbH

Andreas Söffker

Andreas Söffker will be taking over as head of Sales and Marketing with the Tübingen based Gerhard Rösch GmbH this coming August. Rösch owns three tailored brands: RÖSCH CreativeCulture, Blanche Fleur and FÉRAUD Paris.

Söffker will be responsible for the internalization and vertical integration of Gerhard Rösch GmbH. Much of his focus will be spent on developing innovative sales and area partnerships.

“Mr Söffker knows how to enthuse people and combines this gift with wide-ranging experience in the textile field. We are delighted that he will be supporting us in the future with his passion for sales and marketing.” -Arnd-Gerrit Rösch

Working with Falke, Andreas Söffker was able to influence the development of the sports sector from 2004 to 2007. His most current work has been to reposition the Vivanda brand as a member of the management team of Triaz GmnH in Freiburg.

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