Angela Friedman Launch Event

Angela Friedman Cecile Victorian Overbust Corset

Last month, we were treated to Angela Friedman’s launch event showcasing her Versailles collection. It was a beautiful experience that felt more like an adventure than a launch party. The night started out with me and Mozz Manzoor heading out to the gallery where Angela was holding her event. It felt great going to event not tied to the garment district or the showrooms in midtown. We walked inside and were led to the freight elevator.

As we made the slow climb up, I had the urgent sense that I was going to be part of something special. The doors opened and the sound of a violin filled our ears. We were let out into a gorgeous space filled with guests networking and enjoying drinks and pastries.

Off to the side, there was, what could be best described as a set, a miniature world evoking a bygone Baroque world. In the center, a wonderful vintage, velvety blue couch. It looked gorgeous and knowing what Angela’s pieces looked like I couldn’t wait to see the models take their place in this little world.


Angela didn’t disappoint. Everyone was treated to a parade of three models showcasing each of Angela’s stunning pieces. We were able to see Angela’s corsets, slips, kimono robes, lingerie and camisole sets in action with a live violinist in the background. It was magical. We filmed the evening and put together a short video for our readers to enjoy.

If you missed this incredible event, don’t worry, you can also experience Angela’s collection at the Lingerie Designer Showcase this August 5th – 8th at the AKA Hotel here in NYC.

Buyers are encourage to make an appointment with Angela here:

For more information, please visit,

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