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Anya Lust keira lace kimono belle et bonbon

Above: Keira Lace Kimono by Belle et Bonbon.

“Our mission is to allow women to indulge in what makes life so beautiful - beginning with intimate revelry.” - Krystle Kotara, Anya Lust.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor. Photos by Anya Lust.

With a name that foretells the tale of an exquisite curation of lingerie finery, Anya Lust is the portrayal of feminine splendour and poise. Recently launched this past December by lingerie enthusiast, Krystle Kotara, this new online shop is underwear utopia for women who validate their beauty and self-confidence with the reward of luscious, luxurious under things that create striking silhouettes.

Krystle tells us at TLJ about her love of lingerie and the conception of her lingerie heaven, Anya Lust.

Interview with Krystle Kotara of Anya Lust

Anya Lust founder Krystle Kotara

“‘Anya’ is short for Anyanwu – a sun goddess in Nigerian mythology.” - Krystle Kotara.

Krystle, could you give us a brief overview of what your online boutique is all about, including how you came by such a delicious name like Anya Lust?

Anya Lust is subtly seductive, highly feminine, and beautifully dreamy, featuring designer pieces composed of luxury details from Parisian lace to delicate gold elements. Our mission is to allow women to indulge in what makes life so beautiful - beginning with intimate revelry. We encourage erotic adventures, pure pleasure, and free love with a nostalgic note. Our product descriptions, lookbook stories, and gorgeous photos give women a chance to escape into an enchanting dreamland.

I grew up in Arizona, and my family is originally from a beautiful village in southern Nigeria. “Anya” is short for Anyanwu – a sun goddess in Nigerian mythology. I like to think of myself, and each woman who shops at Anya Lust, as a sun goddess. Pairing the word with lust just came naturally.

Anya Lust site

Is the concept of your boutique based on your own needs and experience or from what you gleaned other women needed?

The concept is definitely a combination of my own and other women’s’ needs – particularly the need to empower women through femininity. But, we have a unique approach to this. It not only includes the lingerie that adorns our bodies, but the stories behind each piece. My favorite example of this is the Isla Sage Bodysuit, which paints a picture of royalty.

Anya Lust georgia peach bra and panty by on the inside

Above: Georgia Peach Bra and Panty by On the Inside.

How do you create the ultimate online shopping experience for your customer?

Since Anya Lust is a lingerie dreamland, the experience is what matters most. We’ve considered each step along the customer journey to create the ultimate shopping experience. From the time our customers enter the website, to the time their package arrives, she or he will get a sense of what it’s like to slip away and indulge in the fantasy. Complimentary personal shopping is also offered for women and men who need a little guidance.

Anya Lust winter haven maison minx kimono shell belle couture

Above: Winter Haven Maison Minx Kimono by Shell Belle Couture.

What do you think makes Anya Lust special?

In hectic modern life it’s easy to forget to relish in indulgences. I think it is important for every woman to have a special place to celebrate her femininity, and Anya Lust is the perfect place for that. We believe that all women deserve to have this special experience, which is exactly what sets Anya Lust apart – we keep every shade of femininity in mind during our quest to find the most desirable, meticulously crafted, limited availability lingerie, and our site reflects this. Beyond that, the dreamland that we’ve created and our passion for luxury experiences makes shopping at Anya Lust truly unique.

Anya Lust winter haven dream girl bodysuit belle et bonbon 2

Above: Winter Haven Dream Girl Bodysuit by Belle et Bonbon.

Who’s your main target market and tell us about some of the enticing products on offer to attract them to your boutique?

Our target market is women age 25-35, who encompass equal parts free spirit and erotic maven. The Anya Lust girl loves the idea of balancing her soft femininity with her inner femme fatale. She’s a dreamer, drifting between love and lust. She loves what lingerie does to her body and mind, whether dressing up for herself or for her partner, recognizing that luxury pieces can elevate her to new heights in the same way a gorgeous pair of heels can. We selected feminine, sensual pieces like the Dream Girl Bodysuit and La Femme Dress to attract our main target market. But also included less daring, but just as stunning pieces like the Ella Bodysuit for the curious novice, hoping to explore the beauty of luxury lingerie.

Anya Lust black collection naya noir slip silk laundry

Above: Black Collection Naya Noir Slip by Silk Laundry.

Tell us about your relationship with social media and how important it is to your business. Do you have a favorite social media platform for reaching out?

Our approach is to share beautiful images and create a place to escape. Social media is not only important to share the Anya Lust story, but to learn about the stories of our customers, how they live their lives, what they’re passionate about. At the moment, Instagram is our favorite.

Anya Lust winter haven lola sky bodysuit sonata rapalyte

Above: Winter Haven Lola Sky Bodysuit by Sonata Rapalyte.

Krystle, tell us about your own relationship with your lingerie. What are some of your favourite brands and shapes that you own?

I’m absolutely obsessed with bodysuits. I had to stop myself from buying too many for the launch of my boutique! They are magical creations for the female body. But, I really love all of the types of lingerie that we carry. The silhouette of Belle Et BonBon bodysuits are just gorgeous, the luxurious feel of Silk Laundry pieces is to die for, and the intricate designs of Tatu Couture are breath-taking.

Anya Lust Black collection elektra bra and panty tatu couture

Above: Black Collection Elektra Bra and Panty by Tatu Couture.

The narrative of your boutique exudes the story of the beautiful, carefree woman but is there any particular place or character that especially inspired the brands that you chose to represent your boutique?

The narrative is inspired by different elements of my travels – the sophistication of Paris, erotic underground of London, the San Francisco flower child. I looked for designers who could help me tell that story.

Anya Lust tabitha teddy silk laundry

Above: Tabitha Teddy by Silk Laundry.

As a store owner, you must get a ton of information from new brands and designers. Some of the emails, calls and mailings must blur together. But what’s the best way for a brand to get a second look from you and a possible nod of approval to be carried in your shop?

Great question! The best way to approach the store is by showing that we share a similar vision. I love emerging and established designers who are clearly passionate about their collections and take pride in creating luxury lingerie. When I land on the designer’s website, the first thing I have to feel is inspired.

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