Are Underwire Bras Safe to Wear During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding?

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Cake’s latest video will provide the answer on one of the key questions that we get asked from pregnant and breastfeeding women – can I wear an underwire nursing bra while pregnant or when breastfeeding?

There are certainly different schools of thought on this & the fit is more important than ever. Wearing a good fitting underwire bra or even better, a flexible wire bra is ideal. We recommend it however in the during the 2nd & 3rd trimester though as your bust would have settled.

The concern about underwire is based on the thought that underwire bras could inhibit blood flow and causes issues such as mastitis. This fear is largely unfounded. There is insufficient evidence that links underwire bras to causing any lactation related issues. The Australian Breastfeeding Association themselves suggest the use of flexible wire nursing bras.

Some lactation specialists suggest women opt for wire free bras purely because that’s what they’ve heard and been told. Technology has changed and there are flexible nursing bra options that are especially designed to fit and support the lactating bust.

The bottom line: If your underwire is uncomfortable, or your breast is not fully encompassed in the cup, it’s time to be fitted into a new bra.

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