Aromatic Lingerie by Lilipiache

Above: Lilipiache’s Aromatic Lingerie. See Lilipiache’s AW13 Collection HERE.

NYC-based lingerie brand, Lilipiache has released a new aromatic lingerie collection. The fabric in the new collection is infused with 100% Natural Aroma Essential Micro Oil Capsules that releases the floral scent when rubbed, touched or stroked.

The new fabric is the result of a collaboration between Lilipiache and a Japanese textile company that used a proprietary formula and process to infuse the garments with the new scent.

“Today, aromatherapy is well known for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, and health using aroma essential oils,” noted Yoshiko Hayase, one of the brands owners and founders. “We feel that our Aromatic Lingerie has similar functions and one can not only enjoy the fragrance but also feel relaxed, calm, peaceful, happy and comfortable as you wear it.”

See Lilipiache at CURVENY
Visit the brand at Jacob Javits this August, 4th, 5th & 6th at booth #325.


Above: another look from Lilipiache. See Lilipiache’s AW13 Collection HERE.

Yoshiko noted that the infusion process also helps make the fabric feel even smoother to the touch and emphasized that the micro capsules are 100% natural, made from plants, resin, flower, and fruit.

Lilipiache will showcase the new Aromatic Lingerie along with their new SS14 collection at the upcoming CURVENY Show this August 4th, 5th and 6th at Jacob Javits Center at booth #325. To make an appointment for CURVE, please contact Yoshiko at

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