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Ivy Park Collection

Above: Athleisure received a huge boost thanks to the launch of the Ivy Park Collection.

Athleisure in perspective: $83 billion – the amount of money Morgan Stanley predicts Activewear will generate by 2020.

by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

With the recent release of Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection, the Athleisure trend shows no sign of dying out. From 70’s inspired cropped sweatshirts to bodysuits that bridge the gap between underwear and outerwear, the athlesiure movement is here to stay.

If you want to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend, you’re in luck! Lots of lingerie and loungewear companies are making pieces that fit nicely into the Athlesiure look. If you already sell a lot of loungewear, you’re probably already on the way to success. If you want to try out this trend, here are 5 key pieces that you should think about stocking.

Draped T-Shirts

Maison Du Soir Greta Black Stripe T-shirt

Above: Maison Du Soir Greta Black Stripe T-shirt.

You can buy a t-shirt everywhere, but consumers are starting to look for the one holy grail t-shirt that can go from a workout to a nice brunch out with friends. Look for t-shirts in natural, breathable fabrics that drape beautifully over a range of body types. Avoid low cut necklines or sides in case your customers want to layer them over a more traditional underwire bra.

Fashionable Sweatshirts


Above: Aerie.

Sweatshirts now come in literally all fabrics, sizes and cuts! Many of them work well as fashionable outerwear tops as well as for athletic pursuits or as loungewear. When picking which pieces to stock, use your knowledge of what your customer are already buying. Do they love monochrome pieces? Pick up some sleek black and white options. Do they like pretty colors and feminine silhouettes? Pick up some cropped sweatshirts in pastel colors.


Madame Aime AW15

Above: Madame Aime bodysuit

Seven til Midnight jordonioPhotobyLisaLinh2

Above: Seven til Midnight leather and lace bodysuit.

Bodysuits can be sleek and athletic or sexy and lingerie inspired. It all depends on what your customer is looking for! Edgier lingerie brands like Erica M are now regularly showing up in hugely influential musical videos and other media, so make sure to see if the bodysuits you’re stocking has shown up on a recognizable star.

Jogger Pants

Slim Leg Jogger by Ivy Park

Above: Slim Leg Jogger by Ivy Park.

UK Trade Show, MODA recently announced that it will launch a new area dedicated to Athleisure.

Jogger pants are the compromise between the loose fit of sweatpants and the frequently awkward fit of capri pants. Jogger pants are slim cut sweatpants that tend to flatter the body rather than hiding it. They also aren’t skintight like yoga pants or jeggings, so they make for a great layering piece. Lots of brands sell these now, both in the lingerie world and in the fashion world.


harMonica Design Fall 2016 Fresh Mint Racer Bralette and Rikonasana undershorts

Above: harMonica Design Fresh Mint Racer Bralette and Rikonasana undershorts.

Customers have spoken: underwires are out! Bralettes have become wildly popular with both consumers and boutique owners for their easy fit and great layering potential. A bralette makes a great base layer, but can also add serious style to an outfit with elaborate straps or pretty patterned laces.

What parts of the athlesiure trend have you embraced?

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