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This July, meet Avery Rose at CURVENEWYORK.

“I want every bra or design to be a combination of four things – quality, comfort, style and fit.” - Jennifer Coll, Avery Rose.

Launched in early 2017, Avery Rose is creating bralettes with a difference. From crystal-encrusted straps to interlinking metal hardware between the cups, every look in the collection incorporates a decadent, jewelry-like detail. “My brand is all about embellishment. Things not typically found on bras,” says Jennifer Coll, the founder, and CEO.

An ex-fashion model, Coll was regularly asked by the designers she worked for to provide feedback on the fit and feel of different garments. Coupled with her later experience as a fit model, Coll received extensive insight into the construction and design process, getting to see first-hand how pieces went from idea stage to final garment.

the Debut of Avery Rose

Meet Avery Rose

Hiring two fashion school-trained designers to fill the gaps in her knowledge, Coll launched Avery Rose in response to a personal need. She had a sheer, draped-front blouse that she didn’t want to risk going braless under, but which none of her existing bras worked with.

“I scoured department stores, boutiques, and the internet,” she says. “It was a sea of the same designs. Everything was padded and push up.”

What she really needed was a bra that was stylish yet lightweight, one just thick enough to provide modesty but not so bulky that it would change the fit of the garment on top.

Avery Rose’s debut collection focussed exclusively on soft bralettes, plus co-ordinates that add a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe. The lingerie is designed to be beautiful, yes, but also comfortable. Coll wants you to be able to wear her creations all day long – she even has customers who sleep or go horse riding in them!

“I want every bra or design to be a combination of four things,” she explains, “quality, comfort, style and fit. I need those four boxes to be checked.” The fit is down to her expert design team, and her own intimate knowledge of the fitting process. The quality and comfort aspects come from her use of premium fabrics and components, such as soft, Italian-made laces paired with glittering Swarovski crystals.

Tactile Inspiration

It’s picking out these materials that often sparks an idea for the look of the garment, too. Coll finds her inspiration in everything from a particular color to the pattern on a lace. And of course, finding a new crystal adornment. It’s those luxury embellishments that really make Avery Rose stand out.

Coll may have begun designing lingerie to create a bra that would sit subtly under clothing, but the resulting pieces are so pretty you’ll want them to be visible! With everything from chains to crystalized strapping details positioned between the cups, these bras would look great paired with a plunging V neckline.

Stand Out Bralette

One of the standout pieces from Avery Rose’s current range is the Priscilla bralette and ruche-backed panty set in Italian, snake-print fabric. Adorned with an understated panel of black Swarovski crystals, it doubles as a sultry bikini for those luxury resorts and cruises.

Other key looks include the decadent, champagne-gold Bella bralette, the beautiful June bralette with its striking Italian lace and rhinestone ring detail, the Lily bralette in locally-sourced sequin lace, and the equestrian-inspired Kelly bralette with a golden horse-bit and chain centrepiece.

Avery Rose’s collection is split into ‘standard’ and ‘designer’ sections, with the latter featuring Swarovski-crystal detailing in place of regular rhinestones or other ornamentation. Prices range from $65-$115 for the standard bralettes, or $85-$395 for the designer ones. The matching briefs and thongs, none of which are embellished, cost between $25 and $60.

Looking Towards the Future

So what’s next for Avery Rose? Inspired by the success of her bestselling Jennifer bralette, a lacy piece with crystals on the straps as well as the band, Coll will be focussing heavily on beaded straps for the upcoming collection. “More bras with beautiful straps is my number one request” she says, “The straps [on the new designs] are all hand beaded and truly exquisite.”

Avery Rose will also be introducing its first bras that will cater to D- and DD-cup sized customers who crave more support than a bralette can offer. The new pieces will have a little more structure, but still stay true to the delicate, ‘wearable luxury’ aesthetic that makes this brand unique. Retail customers will be able to get a look at the new collection when it debuts at CURVENEWYORK this July.

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