Baci Lingerie Long Sleeve Flower Lace Bodystocking Review

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By Kelly Shibari

Plus size lingerie has its own set of problems – some stores don’t carry things in your bra size, much less panty size. It explains why so many plus size gals absolutely love corsets, since not only is it adaptable to various sizes because of lacing, but it also can help shape and mold bodies.

But there’s got to be more than just corsets and garters for us BBWs, right? There’s got to be something that we can wear to turn on our man (or woman) that doesn’t involve something out of Gone With The Wind.


Other than the standard bras and panties, and corsets and garters, there are roleplaying outfits, babydolls, chemises, and more…and something I recently discovered – bodystockings, thanks to the lovely people at Baci Lingerie.


Above: Baci Lingerie’s Long Sleeve Flower Lace Bodystocking.

“The bodystocking fit great, without being constricting at all.”

When I put it out there (remember, ask the universe!) that I was interested in reviewing plus size lingerie, Baci was kind enough to send me a few pieces to try. Baci has a lot of really gorgeous pieces, and they’re really well made – the sheer fabric is super soft, the lace is high quality, and it’s the kind of lingerie you’d find at a high-end lingerie store rather than the corner adult novelty shop. Love! Absolutely, completely, love.

As a plus-size gal, I just assume anything that encases me in something that resembles a leotard, much less a sheer leotard, is off-limits. I worry that I have to remove it all to go to the bathroom, and then squeeze and mold myself back into it before being seen in public again. And don’t even get me started with the “sausage” and “ham” jokes! So when Baci included a pretty lace bodystocking in their shipment, I immediately tried it out.

What I tried: Baci Lingerie’s Long Sleeve Flower Lace Bodystocking in Queen Size (US size 16-20). It’s part of their “Spanish Dreams” line, and…

OMG this thing is SO SOFT! The soft, fishnet-y stretchy fabric has a flower lace pattern. Not scratchy at all. And surprisingly warm for something that has holes all over it, haha.


Above: Back View of Baci Lingerie’s Long Sleeve Flower Lace Bodystocking.

I’m a size 16/18 usually. “One Size Fits All” doesn’t apply to ladies my size, especially in the stocking department, since I’m also 5’7”. So when Baci sent me their bodystocking in Queen Size, I was a bit skeptical. The Baci Queen size is the equivalent to a US size 16-20 (btw, Baci also has other Plus Size items in Queen and Diva Size, which is size 20-24, though the bodystocking does not come in Diva). The bodystocking fit great, without being constricting at all – in fact, I was able to stretch it out a bit more had I wanted to, which means someone a tad bigger than me would be able to wear this as well.

Btw, my other half loved it, because – and this may be a “duh” thing, but hey, I didn’t own bodystockings till now – it was crotchless. Guess that takes the whole “I gotta take this thing off to go to the bathroom or have sex” thing, yay! So he got to put his sexy hands all over me in the bodystocking (remember: SOFT!) and get frisky with me as well. TOTAL WIN!

Care is easy – handwash in cold water, line dry. In my case, I laid it out on my bed on top of a towel to keep the shape. However, I did try line drying, and it didn’t cause any scary stretching or shrinking either.

The bodystocking only comes in black, which I’m ok with, since that goes along with most of my existing wardrobe. That being said, this thing is so comfortable, I’d probably buy one in every color if it were available that way.

I’m looking forward to trying on other Baci items, and hopefully I’ll be able to show you how they fit me, if Baci would consider it for next month’s editorial.

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