Baci Lingerie Opens Mono Brand Stores

Baci Lingerie Mono Store interior in Budapest Hungary with mannequin form

Baci Lingerie, the newest and hottest brand of sexy lingerie, is pleased to announce the grand opening of mono brand stores (see photos and videos). One example was the grand opening in Budapest which featured large crowds of shoppers who have been waiting for months in anticipation of the hottest brand coming to Hungary. Baci Lingerie is preparing 3,000 stores worldwide in the next 6 years for Baci Lingerie. Baci Lingerie already has stores planned to open in the next 3 months in countries such as Scandinavia, UAE, UK, Spain, Holland, Germany, Mexico and Lithuania. Baci Lingerie presents a global promotional trailer of their store opening which can be seen at:

“Baci Lingerie concept of affordable luxury is exactly what the consumer wants in Hungary”, says Tamás Takacs, Baci Lingerie exclusive distributor and brand owner for Hungary. People have really been anxiously waiting for Baci Lingerie store and the people are really excited that we opened. Mr. Takacs will open 3 additional stores within the next three months and plans to open 60 stores in the next six years.

Sales have been beyond expectations as Baci Lingerie is introducing sexy and provocative lingerie at an affordable price.

an image of the inside of Baci Lingerie's mono store in Hungary

The price range of all products is what is drawing huge attention from consumers as they are flocking to the store. Every second customer, 50% is buying products. Typically this number is around 9% in the lingerie industry. Baci Lingerie is also changing the retail lingerie demographic as 35-40% of men are purchasing lingerie in Baci Lingerie mono brand store as compared to 3-4% typically in the lingerie industry. This is due to the amazing photos and artwork that Baci Lingerie is introducing along with the concept of boxed lingerie. Baci Lingerie has created a fantasy world around the brand which has translated into men being more comfortable to enter a lingerie store and buy products. Baci Lingerie Chief Operating office, Robert Rosen, stated, “We are tremendously surprised with the amount of men that are entering the store and buying products. I believe that typical lingerie stores are very intimidating and confusing for men to enter and buy products. With our concept beautifully designed packaging men are responding to the easy and convenience of the world Baci Lingerie is creating.”

If you are interest in investing in Baci Lingerie mono brand stores in your country please email us at and we will provide you information about the concept and put you in contact with our partners in your respective countries.

Internetmarketing-Miami, LLC, hold of the exclusive rights, of Baci Lingerie is a privately held company, headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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