Bedroom Behavior Lingerie Collection

Bedroom Behavior High Life Bikini Top and G-string

Above: Bedroom Behavior High Life Bikini Top and G-string.

“Bedroom Behavior is a fun, bright, in-your-face lingerie collection. We are all about embracing your body and your curves.” – Ashley Golden.

If you’re a lingerie fanatic and need a jolt of energy and color in your wardrobe, you need to discover the NYC-based intimates and accessories brand, Bedroom Behavior. Created by Ashley Golden and Alison McNamara, Bedroom Behavior is a fusion of the two’s passions for lingerie, swimwear, music and vibrant color.

We’re thrilled to share our interview with Ashley and Alison to share how they started their brand, learn about their collection and discover what’s next for the creative duo:

Interview with Bedroom Behavior founders, Ashley Golden and Alison McNamara

Bedroom Behavior Fuck Em Tassels

Above: Bedroom Behavior Fuck Em Tassels.

Ashley, could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with your brand what Bedroom Behavior is all about?

Bedroom Behavior is a fun, bright, in-your-face lingerie collection. We are all about embracing your body and your curves. We want every woman to enjoy being sexy — from the 9-5 business women, the hipsters, to the party animals. Our collections are bright and fun and we encourage our customers to wear our styles not only in the bedroom but on the beach or at their favorite music festival.

Bedroom Behavior

We’d love to hear the story about how the two of you decided to create and launch Bedroom Behavior. Could you walk us through how it came about?

We loved going to music festivals, soca fetes, to be exact. We saw that the women would be bold and daring in their fashion choices. We decided we needed to make a fun line for woman who want to embrace their bodies and have fun with their fashions be wearing pieces that are bright and fun.

Bedroom Behavior Mermaid Swimsuit in blue

Above: Mermaid Swimsuit.

Could you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds and how it influenced the creation of Bedroom Behavior?

Ashley: I went to FIT for Fashion Design specializing in Intimate Apparel. I have always gravitated towards lingerie, I always loved laces and bright colors. I worked briefly in design for swimwear. This is how Bedroom Behavior was born combining my lingerie and swimwear backgrounds.

Alison: I went to school for communications and public relations. I’ve worked in small businesses and very shortly after meeting Ashley I realized her talents. I saw the potential we could have if we formed a team. Soon after, Bedroom Behavior was created.

Bedroom Behavior Signature Bralette

Above: Bedroom Behavior Signature Bralette.

Woman-owned and made in America

Why is it important for you and Alison to make your garments here in New York City?

We want to insure the best quality and fit. We like to actually see and speak to the people contributing to our brand. Having great relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers is very important to us. We both strive on personal interaction.

What’s behind the name of the brand? How did you decide on Bedroom Behavior?

We were thinking of a name and wanted something fun and catchy but also a little risqué after thinking and thinking Bedroom Behavior just popped up and we both loved it!

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Could you tell us a little bit about the Bedroom Behavior team? Who are they and what are their roles?

Bedroom Behavior is a very small company. It is ran by myself and Alison. We work with freelance contributors to help build the brand. We enjoy working with other independent, women owned businesses here in NYC. I’m in charge of design, sourcing, sampling and all of our social media. Alison is in charge of all of our costing, budgets, and our website maintenance.

Bedroom Behavior Vixen Playsuit

Above: Bedroom Behavior Vixen Playsuit.

Could you tell us a little bit about the Bedroom Behavior collections (Signature, Sassy, Sexy and Pasties)?

Signature Behavior is our Signature Gallon lace color blocking styles. Using lace in different colors (black/white) kind of harlequin inspired. Sassy Behavior is all of our printed poly nylon and neon mesh styles. This is inspired by festival fashion. Sexy Behavior is our collection using a very unique wavy allover lace. This collection is a twist on the basic black lingerie pieces that are staples for every woman’s sexy black lingerie collection.

Bedroom Behavior Dominatrix legwear and thong

Above: Dominatrix Legwear and thong.

What do you feel is the most iconic Bedroom Behavior pieces/style?

The most iconic pieces would have to be our boldest pieces. Some of our best sellers include the following: Fuck em pasties, High Life Cage Set, High Life Playsuit, Mermaid Pasties, Seductress Playsuit, Dominatrix Legwear, and Dominatrix Thong.

What’s next for the brand in 2017?

We are excited to say that our brand is now being carried at a major online retailer “Dollskill”. We will be launching some new pieces every few months (we do not design traditionally by seasons) if Ashley has a great idea or design we sample it, cost it and we will launch it on the site. We will also be doing promotional videos for our site. We are always planning new innovative and creative experiences for our customers. For example, we are planning a fun pop up shop event with a lingerie blogger who has her own online store.

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