Behind the Seams: Meet Robin Levitt, Claudette’s Founder and CEO

Meet Robin Levitt, Claudette's Founder and CEO

Interviewed by Lindsey Borchard
Original interview published on Claudette’s blog, Photos and interview republished with permission from Claudette.

Why Lingerie?

I didn’t have a favorite bra, there was no favorite brand for me. There’s more product options when shopping in the UK, but its really so limited here, and if you find something you love – it either doesn’t span past a D cup, or its a major investment. Sometimes is hard to justify making such a purchase on an item that often seems frivolous – no matter how much you love lingerie. Our goal was to create a product, to be your favorite bra, up to a G cup, that didn’t break the bank – a luxury you could splurge on and not feel guilty about it. You can purchase a set, in a wild color and know that you made a wise purchase, even if the bra is NEON pink!

What was your first bra purchase?

I think I might have been more of a tom boy than I like to think, I really don’t remember my first experience buying a bra – I never wanted to wear one, and I think my mom probably just went out and bought one. I don’t recall having a proper introduction to women’s foundations, but I could have just blocked it out of my head!

Robin Levitt At Work

How is it to work with an office full of women?

We have a unique camaraderie in our office. Its an environment that allows a freedom to give input, and contribute. Its a trusting environment, where you have a chance to provide your feedback, and offer suggestions & solutions to our design challenges. We are all strong women with strong points of view. Everyone wear trials the items to give insight on fit – and we truly love the collections. At any given day – you may not be going home with the same bra you came in, and you could possibly see someone running by my office in a bra, because they want to show me how great the item fits! Its kind of funny, and the UPS guy has had a few embarrassing stories to tell I’m sure! He doesn’t get as red as he used too.

What do you look forward to in fashion for next season?

I do love the color blocking and am so glad to see its become such a strong fashion trend that April called out. It’s exciting to see the feminine fabrics with bold trims and such strong color. I also love to see all the tunics making their way into fashion, and of course the harem pants (not talking M.C. Hammer here) – a trend that I love to see, and is SO popular in Hong Kong & Europe, but never seems to hit it off in the US!

Robin with her family

Robin with her family

How do you describe your personal style?

I have a hard time describing my personal style, I like to dress casually after a life time of having to wear “company dress code”. I love embellished tunics with jeans, and about any boots. My favorite indulgence is always a LV bag…I haven’t bought a new one in quite a while!

What Beauty Item can you not live without?

My new Kieh’ls Weightless Curl Defining Spray! I LOVE IT!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ha! Vampires and foot massages. I’m one of those twilight loving moms!!

How do you spend your free time?

Well – I have three kids, A daughter who’s 12, and two boys, 8 & 2 – so in what little free time I have, I love to read on my Nook, (vampire books of course), and I recently started taking English riding lessons, but I’ve been slacking on my lessons since summer, so I want to get back to a routine.

How is it working with your husband?

Most days its fabulous.

Who is Claudette to you?

Claudette isn’t someone, but rather someone we’d like to be … she’s an idea, an aspiration. She’s the artisan, the one who inspires us to create beautiful, high quality and fashionable garments. She’s the designer or shopkeeper, who reminds us that there is no higher achievement than pleasing our followers and clients.

She is the woman we all work toward being: visionary but in touch with the world, independent and inclusive, fashionable, feminine yet modern at the same time; you know what you can expect from her quality and details. And she will surprise you with the unexpected too!

Claudette is that part of ourselves and others we admire.

Those ideas are sewn into every garment we made, and we pass those ideals onto our customers with each garment we sell.

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If you’d like more information on Claudette, visit their website at For wholesale inquires in the US Northeast contact, Melissa Silvetti at 347.439.5783 or All other US and Canada territories contact Lindsey Borchard at 818.518.1142 or

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  1. Avatar Treacle says:

    I am *so* excited about this brand. Great price, great products, great fit…I hope they get picked up by a lot of stores next season.

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  3. Avatar kayla says:

    the owner Robyn is maybe one of the nicest ppl that i have ever met. her kids are amazing and kind

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