BeingU Launches Foundation to Help Women in 2012

beingU lingerie Launches Foundation to Help Women in 2012In 2012, beingU will launch a Foundation whose sole aim will be in the education of women of color.  The Foundation will not focus on a particular age group or type of education. Women of color from all walks of life will be encouraged to apply for themselves or children (girls) for a grant that will support an educational need that will result in theoretical knowledge or skill enhancement.

The funding will go directly to them or to an institution of study with an evaluation process in place to ensure a positive outcome of grant. We hope that this method of direct funding will ensure that all monies donated will benefit the individual and reduce the amount used administrative task of going through a third party.

To start with, due to size of business only a small amount of applications will be successful but these will be made on the grounds that the amount donated will heavily support the individual fully rather than a scattering to a larger group with no depth or long term successful outcome for the individuals.

Candidates should write in to for application guidelines and a form. All entries will have to be submitted by Friday 16th December and successful applicants will be announced on 1st February 2012. Sadia Sisay is available for comment on this now, during or post Black History Month.

About beingU

beingU, the exciting new nude lingerie brand for darker skinned women launched to the UK’s lingerie trade in August this year.  The full consumer launch will be in February 2012.  The company, founded by dynamic entrepreneurs, Sadia and Sumana, has the lingerie world buzzing with their innovative debut collection featuring their revolutionary and innovative method of fitting briefs.

The vision for being U is to be THE leading brand in skin tone / nude lingerie.

BeingU is a Finalist in the Start Up Business of The Year category for The 2011 PRECIOUS Awards – the awards ceremony will place during Black History Month on 27th October/London.

Editor’s note: Black History Month is celebrated annually in the United States of America and Canada in February and the United Kingdom in the month of October.

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