Belle Du Jour

Belle Du Jour

“Bold and beautiful. Soft but edgy. I feel like I’ve had my persona compiled into one set.”

Lingerie addicts often dream to own sets from the likes of Myla London, La Perla, and I.D. Sarrieri. When presented with the opportunity to obtain a very special gift from I.D. Sarrieri’s SS13 collection, my heart beat pulsed and the lacy goodness in me glowed with satisfaction. Flipping through the Spring/Summer catalogue I found it difficult to pick just one piece as they were all so uniquely exquisite. Dare I pick a statement corset, sensual lace body suit, or a more practical but still as utterly wonderful bra and brief set? Long story short (or long in my mind as I pined over the catalogue pages for what seemed like hours) I finally decided on practicality. My heart had been stolen by the Belle Du Jour half-cup underwired bra and brief with flirty straps and Chantilly lace detailing edged with fine rose tulle.

A quick email off to request my sizes (32B, S) and the wait began. I kept fearing that the bra would end up being too big. It is always a gamble with new brands whether I will fit a 32B or 30B cup better. However, when the package arrived pristinely wrapped in a black and white I.D. Sarrieri box my worries vanished because all that matter at that moment was putting on the gorgeous set that had been sent to me.

Belle Du Jour

Door checked and locked I stripped down and tentatively slipped on the rose tulle briefs with Chantilly lace detailing on the back. Perfect fit! I spun in a circle in front of the mirror and marveled at how beautiful the briefs were.

Belle Du Jour

Moving onto the bra I started to panic. The cups looked a tad bit big but once on and straps adjusted I sighed will relief. It fit. I felt so incredibly empowered simply by seeing how great I looked in the set. The bra has slight erotic hints with the black strap detailing which is softened by the romanticism of the Chantilly lace. The combination with the flirty briefs and it is clear this set calls for attention. Bold and beautiful. Soft but edgy. I feel like I’ve had my persona compiled into one set.

Belle Du Jour

Not wanting to waste the true first time wearing the set on a mundane day I vowed to grace my body with the fine pieces on the day I would be reunited with my boyfriend back in America. That day consisted of being dropped off at the wrong terminal at Heathrow airport, hurriedly rushing to the right one, running panting with three huge bags to check-ins and finally through security only to be plopped onto a flight for seven hours. Most women would say comfort is of the utmost importance when traveling and I would have to agree. For a set so intricately crafted I feared the straps would fall off my shoulders as is what happens with so many bras I buy or the lace would prove itchy. However, none of these things happened and I made it through my journey in complete comfort and ease.

Going through customs my heart was fluttering wildly in anticipation for seeing my amazing boyfriend. I felt confident, instilled deeply by the set that made me feel as though I could conquer the world. Walking to the pick up area I dropped my bags entranced by his smile and embraced him. Five months is really too long to be away from the ones you love.

Needless to say the Belle Du Jour set is christened in my mind as uniquely special. I have only wore it twice so far and both occasions will forever remain with me: first night back with my love and acing an interview for a company I’ve coveted for months. This is what I.D. Sarrieri does. They create pieces that become imbued with happy memories.

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2 Comments on “Belle Du Jour

  1. Avatar LingerieLarry says:

    Don’t like this set at all… Beautiful lace coupled with straps that look like they’re from suspenders? That’s a clash.
    Bottoms accented with black trim to highlight your width? No reason for it, but I do like the sheer concept.

  2. Avatar lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, what beautiful lingerie. it sounds like you were a kid in a candy store or for sure Chirstmas day when you were opening that special present under the tree with the special “Santa ” gift wrap and matching bow. The lingerie looks so delicate but is made very well to make it through your long journey to the US.

    Thank you for sharing, great post!

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