Between the Sheets Fall Winter 2010 Collection

Happy Monday to all of our Readers. We wanted to start the week off right with a few images from Between the Sheets (BTS) Fall Winter 2010 Collection.

We’ve heard a lot from our readers about the designer and president of BTS Layla L’obatti and what a treat it is to work with her and her company. Excellent customer service, great product, high quality are all words we hear associated with Layla. Kudos!

Here’s a little bit about what this collection and what Between the Sheets is all about directly from Layla:

“The main thought behind creating this brand was to find a balance between what I loved about chic/sexy daywear and soft/comfortable intimates and sleepwear. For instance the cami and cardigan can be worn with jeans out in the summer or on a chilly fall/winter evening to bed/around the house. It’s this versatility that has attracted many customers to the brand, as well as our dedication to domestic production and superior materials,” said L’obatti.

Our motto is “Play in your lingerie” referring to the fact that our pieces are wearable anywhere and that our spirit is lighthearted and sensual, so mixing, matching and lifestyle layering is encouraged.”

And some images of course:

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