Bezi Bra Discs Review

Edith's Bezi Bra Discs Review

“I hope you take my advice and slip a pair of Bezi Discs into your favorite bra and stride into your day with confidence.”

Story by Clare Hlis. Photos by William Mason Photography.

I have breastfed babies. I had my nipples pierced in my 20s. My points show through EVERYTHING. It’s a constant struggle, especially when I want to look professional for work, or if I’m with my son and family at the beach or pool.

What to do? Like most women, I prefer bralettes or the comfort of sports bras. But with thin fabrics, there’s always the risk of showing through your shirt. Luckily, I’ve found an alternative, Bezi Bra Discs, nipple covers made from soft, non-latex resin.

They tuck right into your bra and can be used over and over again. Bezi Bra discs are an every day solution for confidently wearing the clothes and undergarments you love. Unlike other nipple covers or pasties, Bezi discs do not use adhesives. Body heat holds them in place and makes them stick.

The brand sent me a packet to try out, I was curious to see if the Bezi discs could be a good solution for me where I usually feel most exposed – at the gym and in the work place.

Test One – the gym.

As a runner and athlete, I frequently experience breast chaffing. Confident that this product would help, I slipped the discs in my sports bra and ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes. At the end of the workout, I was amazed that the discs stayed in place even with all the motion. Also, bonus, there was no chafing or discomfort! Normally after I work out like that not only would I be tugging at my bra in discomfort, I’d be avoiding my own reflection in the gym mirrors for fear of seeing the dreaded “headlights.” Sweat test passed.

Edith's Bra Discs Review

Test Two – my favorite sheer bra.

I LOVE a sheer mesh or lace bralette. The only issue is wearing it under my clothes to work in my frigid office. Nipple protrusion all day every day Not today. No more scrambling for that sweater we all keep on the back of our chairs for meetings. I comfortably wore them for an eight hour work day and forgot they were in my bra. Success!

I can attest that Bezi Bra Discs work. No more stuffing a tissue in my bra, or changing outfits ten times to feel comfortable. If you want to give them a go, visit their site: to learn more. They work with all breast sizes and come in two skin tones. I hope you take my advice and slip a pair of Bezi Discs into your favorite bra and stride into your day with confidence.

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