Bia Boro SS15

Bia Boro SS15

“Underwear needs to reflect your personality, individuality and be fashionable,” – Bahram Djam, Bia Boro.

by Michelle Broomes

A mosaic of colors and a collage of exotic prints are just two of the ways to describe the new launch collection by Canadian brand Bia Boro Apparel.

Bia Boro SS15

Aptly entitled “Art Nouveau”, the SS15 collection causes kaleidoscopic color and psychedelic prints to converge into an ingenious and playful array of garments that will have you loving your lower half even more whether you are male or female.

Bia Boro SS15 Bia Boro SS15

Art Nouveau is intended to be a multipurpose or transitional collection, created so that the wearer can bounce from bed to beach or- as the brand puts it, “from the sheets to the beach” – wearing any of these vivaciously vibrant pieces.

Bia Boro SS15

“Treating undergarments as only a practical necessity is outrageous. Underwear needs to reflect your personality, individuality and be fashionable,” says brand co-founder Bahram Djam, promoting the collection as lifestyle essentials.

Constructed from a creative textile blend spun from the Bamboo plant, the collection is designed to feel as soft and luxurious as cashmere but still breathable and resilient enough for wearing as everyday underwear.

Bia Boro SS15

Shape-holding and hypoallergenic properties of the fabric coupled with robust colorways provide the ideal medium for transitioning Art Nouveau into perfect beachwear fashion.

“Cotton loses its elasticity and shape after a few wears and becomes loose and saggy. Our vision was to take ordinary bland and shapeless underwear and transform it into extraordinarily artful ‘funderwear’ with practical and durable fabrics,” explains Bahram.

Bia Boro SS15

And just reflecting on the bohemian styled print on print details of Art Nouveau evokes a desire to traverse exotic lands on a wild safari, an intentional hypnotic element of the collection, as the pieces draw on musings of travel and diverse cultures spun together to create a sense of adventure in the wearer’s mind.

Bia Boro SS15

Impressive craftsmanship is also evident in this collection as each of the garments has been hand cut and intricately handmade, weaving a sense of uniqueness into the overall offering of the collection. Bia Boro has not only chosen to manufacture these products with Bamboo because of its valuable pliable properties but also for its biodegradable nature (recyclable) and ease of cultivation (with low environmental impact), ensuring that ethically sustainable merchandise reaches the market.

Bia Boro SS15

The Art Nouveau SS15 range comprises women’s “Luv Your Booty” assortment which retail as shorts and thongs in an array of patterns and colors whilst the men’s line, “Junk Trunk” consists of longer leg (trunks) as well shorts also in several patterns and basic hues. Sizes for both sexes vary from extra small to extra-large.

Now the question is: to conceal or not to conceal?

Wholesale Info

Bahram Djam; Co-Founder
Tel: 1 (888) 501-5551
Fax:1 (888) 242-9671

Bia Boro SS15 Gallery

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