Blackspade Intimate Apparel

Blackspade Private

Above: Blackspade’s Private range, described as the perfect harmony of lace and cotton featuring trimmings that do not pressurize or leave marks.

Blackspade – as natural as the first underwear.”

The fig leaf – arguably one of the best known visual metaphors is proudly embraced by Blackspade Intimate Apparel as their emblem. The logo, the brand notes, conveys their dedication to creating high-quality intimates that are all-natural and fit perfectly against the skin and any lifestyle.

“The fabrics used today in Blackspade products are just as natural but far more pleasant to wear.” says the company. Blackspade is one of the fastest growing luxury intimates brands in Europe and is now gaining in popularity amongst retailers and consumers here in the US with their collection of intimates for men and women.

Blackspade Intimate Apparel

Above: Blackspade Intimate Apparel offers a variety of styles for the entire family.

“I am so excited that Blackspade has come from Turkey to the US. We are the fastest growing intimate apparel brand in Europe for a reason, we are a luxurious modern fun fashionable brand for the whole entire family.” says Mona Goldberg, Director of Sales for the brand.

Blackspade Intimate Apparel

For retailers, Blackspade offers a wide spectrum of high-quality intimates at competitive prices. Annette Englander, co-founder of Otto Brooklyn says, “We like the fact that Blackspade is made of cotton (with some spandex). I started out Otto with Hanro, a Swiss Company that does beautiful Cotton Lingerie. Hanro became very expensive, Blackspade is a great price point with a similar look.”


Above: Blackspade offers a variety of styles and silhouettes for every aspect of a retail customer’s lifestyle.

Annette also notes the brand’s panties sell extremely well amongst her customers and Blackspade’s camisoles are some of her personal favorites. For the rest of this story, we want to outline the variety of Blackspade’s intimate apparel offerings. For any buyers wanting to learn about becoming a Blackspade Retailer, please contact Mona Goldberg at:

Blackspade Intimate Apparel Overview

Blackspade’s collection includes a variety of ranges that all feature natural, eco-friendly fabrics, tag-less heat transfer labels and elegant styles in almost every size for women and men.


Blackspade Aura

A harmony of silky feeling lace and satin with ultimate stretch and cotton fabrics, this collection features a classic design, a variety of color options, special satin bindings, and a three-dimensional shape.


Blackspade Comfort

“Where beauty and comfort meet sophisticated more mature nights.” Comfort is describe by the brand as an artsy interpretation of a modern line – the styles in Comfort are suitable for sportive and classic dressing and are made from a micro modal fabric.


Blackspade Private

A harmony of silky laces and soft cotton fabrics has been achieved in our collection Private, which we designed conveniently for ladies’ all day elegance. This collection’s trimmings do not pressurize or leave marks and are designed to achieve a seamless beauty.


Blackspade Petticoat
Perfect for today’s woman, Petticoat is ultra shinny and chic — a second layer you can’t even feel.


Blackspade Invisible

Superfine laser cut cotton and micro modal collection that fits to any body perfectly with no visible panty lines.


Blackspade Silver

Silver is described as a sporty young silhouette, made with micro modal comfort that you have to feel to believe.


Blackspade essential

This is the bread-and-butter of the Blackspade collection,” says Mona of Essential. “And the price points are wonderful!” Essential offers everyday lifestyle has something for everyone: boyshort, brief thong, maxi brief, tanks.
Everyday underwear for contemporary lifestyles. Long staple compact cotton yarn knitted with spandex for ultimate comfort. Sizes go up to 5X.

Wholesale Questions?

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