Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief Review

Bloomin Sexy Classic Black

“Slipping into the Classic brief was a refreshing relief.”

Signs of spring are everywhere, which means the resurrection of my warm weather clothing is imminent. Summer outfits usually have a way of filling me with mixed feelings, namely excitement and trepidation. Although I love the girlish, romantic feel of summer dresses and flowing skirts that swirl deliciously against bare skin, the thought of not wearing my deniers or trousers and ending up with unbearable inner thigh burn usually brings me to a sobering reality.

So I count myself lucky to have discovered a wonderful lingerie brand that is tackling the issue of the dreaded inner thigh chafe with fashionable yet functional underwear. UK-based lingerie brand Bloomin’ Sexy makes sexy bloomer-styled underwear aimed at eradicating inner thigh torment.

The brand is led by anti-chafe crusaders, Carol Westwood, who was a victim of chronic thigh chafe and her deft design partner, Jill Mudge. Together, this dynamic duo has recreated the bygone bloomer undergarment into beautiful contemporary intimate apparel using satin inner thigh panels to eliminate thigh rub. I have been fascinated by this underwear concept ever since, so you can imagine my delight when I was chosen to do a product review on their “Classic” range.

Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief

Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief Review

I got to try out the Bloomin’ Sexy Classic brief size UK 18 in black, which is my favorite underwear color since I usually wear black bras to match. The garment is created with satin from the waist down to the inner thigh, cheeky see-through tulle and lovely lace. It is feminine but did not feel overly delicate, which indicated a sense of durability. It features a cotton gusset, which is ideal for all-day freshness and comfort.

The Classic collection boasts a 1950s vibe that conjures up the sexy and sophisticated essence of screen sirens of the past. Built-in faux suspenders at the front and back add a touch of effortless naughtiness that, for me, brings these bloomer-styled briefs from a notion of the past right into the status of modern-day essential. Cute little pink roses at the end of the suspender belt lines are a sweet feminine touch and break up the dark dominance of black.

Classic, Chic, Modern

Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief Review

I totally adored the product packaging once I had released it from a generic brown parcel in which it arrived. There was something simple, yet chic and attractive about the black textured encasement tied with shiny fuchsia ribbon. The brief, itself, had a satisfyingly clean cut and finish.

Slipping into the Classic brief was a refreshing relief as it was not as challenging as squeezing into shapewear. This coincides with the brand founders’ ideal of not suppressing a woman’s natural silhouette but rather complementing it. The hold on my waist and thighs felt quite comfortable and the stretched lace trimming held the garment nicely in place.

Although this Classic brief was the right size for me, I would have loved for the fit to have been slightly higher on the waist, since I do prefer a fuller brief. Having a slightly protrusive rear means that the waistbands of briefs, jeans and stockings always seem to sit lower at the back and sometimes work their way down that curve. I have found that a higher waistline helps with this personal challenge.

Overall, when I looked in the mirror, I was pleased with the way the Classic fit me. Honestly, I did feel quite sexy in it!

Bloomin Sexy Classic Black

“Without hesitation, I would wear the Bloomin’ Sexy Classic range again.”

To ensure an honest assessment of this style, however, I decided to wear the briefs under a maxi skirt whilst out shopping on the weekend. After rocking that bloomer around London shops for around four hours, I am pleased to report that thigh burn was not an issue for me. Phew!

The way my thighs had glided smoothly past each other, protected by satin panels, had been nothing short of a miracle, and that sensation became fondly natural to me. Having been a chronic chafer for so long, I was so happy that I had survived the day in a maxi skirt without leggings or stockings. It was truly liberating.

Without hesitation, I would wear the Bloomin’ Sexy Classic range again. The Classic comes in Black and White and in sizes UK 12 to 30. Women who need relief from thigh chafing should definitely try this underwear, too.

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