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Bloomin Sexy Classic Black

“We felt it was important to reject the mentality of concealing women’s natural curves, and instead embrace our shape whether small, in between sizes or fuller figured.” – Jill Mudge, Bloomin Sexy.

For those of us who suffer the agony of thigh chafing, a bare legged day in a dress or skirt can end in agony. Unfortunately, solutions like talc, creams and hacked off tights aren’t very sexy and often need tweaking during the day.

Now, relief has come in the form of elegant, sexy bloomers whose magic bullet contains satin. And it’s about blooming time too!

Bloomin Sexy Vintage White

Pioneering UK brand Bloomin’ Sexy presents women with an attractive antidote to the dreaded thigh chafe, providing practical but beautiful, bloomer-styled underwear in UK sizes 12 to 30.

“We found there was a distinct lack of comfortable and sexy lingerie for women who suffer from thigh chafe, who were instead feeling discomfort from standard fitting underwear,” says brand founder and former thigh chafe sufferer, Carol Westwood. “Whilst researching I found the only real alternative was often frumpy or restrictive shapewear. We’re not aware of any other plus anti-chafe garments that use satin material.”

Fitted with longer legs that are panelled in satin at the inner thighs, Bloomin’ Sexy lingerie allows a comfortable, frictionless glide between the legs for all day comfort. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Well, Carol does have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to experience thigh chafing hell, as it led her to desperately seek relief that didn’t include reaching for lotions, fidgety biking shorts, uncomfortable shapewear or just abandoning bare legged days altogether for trousers or leggings.

But when her search for a lingerie solution left her feeling sorely disappointed with what she had found, she figured that the next logical step was to fashion her own anti-chafe garments to ease her plight and that of women like herself.

Bloomin Sexy Vintage White

Finding an ally in brand co-founder, designer and seamstress, Jill Mudge, the two conjured up a unique underwear line designed to absolutely eliminate that unbearable scourge amongst women with the misfortune of no thigh gap. But these garments weren’t to be just functional. Carol and Jill wanted pieces that looked sexy, glamourous and sophisticated – as beautiful as they would be practical.

So, what happened when these two anti-chafe heroines crossed their bloomers concept with deluxe Italian stretch satin; soft, luxurious tulle and the finest French and German lace? Something Bloomin’ Sexy was born.

Carol and Jill seemed to have reached back in time, around two centuries ago, and reformulated a fashion concept that was, interestingly, invented, to give women of that day freedom of movement and less restriction from traditional fashion. In that same ideology, Bloomin’ Sexy gives contemporary women freedom to move around in bare legged bliss whilst feeling cheeky and confident in something a bit racy and lacy underneath. And best of all, not feeling restrained by shapewear.

Bloomin Sexy Classic Black

“We felt it was important to reject the mentality of concealing women’s natural curves, and instead embrace our shape whether small, in between sizes or fuller figured,” says Jill.

A comfortable stretch coupled with 100% cotton gussets and the promise of no VPL, make Bloomin’ Sexy underwear ideal for discretion and everyday, all day wear so you can get your legs out day or evening.

Bloomin’ Sexy underwear currently comes in four main ranges: Romance with its cascading floral lace display; the flirty but unfussed fashion of Spirit; emanating a 50s vibes is Classic with a saucy suspender belt impression and, with a nod to Victoriana, the Vintage collection, flaunts latticed satin detail down the outer leg, finished with dainty bows.

“Our best seller seems to vary,” informs brand co-founder, Carol. “It tends to be the Romance and Classic designs for weddings, and the Spirit design for eveyday wear.”

Customer feedback has been positive as well, according to Carol, as it falls neatly into the vision around Bloomin’ Sexy.

“Our basic ethos is to have garments that make women feel sexy, for themselves and not necessarily for anyone else – although that may be an added bonus,” she says. “We’ve had feedback from customers saying how they actually make them feel more confident as well as being comfortable.”

All ranges, including some limited-edition designs and colours in smaller sizing, are available to buy on the brand’s website. Matching lingerie pieces, including bras and babydolls, are available only to traders at this time but brand fans can look forward to future Bloomin’ Sexy designs based on the same great innovative shape that works so well.

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