Bloomin’ Sexy Recap

Bloomin Sexy Recap

Comfy, yet sexy is how most people describe their Bloomin’ Sexy knickers. These sexy shorts were developed to provide women with a comfortable, anti-chafing fit with the look and feel of beautiful lingerie.

“For us, from the outset, it was about women of all sizes being able to wear lingerie that will help them feel good about what they are wearing, as well as being comfortable,” says brand co-founder Carol Westwood.

We’re not the only ones who enjoy the incredible benefit of Bloomin’ Sexy, while still feeling, well, sexy. Read on to learn more about how this brand got its start and see how other women wear Bloomin’ Sexy in their daily lives.

Bloomin’ Sexy Collection

For those of us who suffer the agony of thigh chafing, a bare-legged day in a dress or skirt can end in agony. Unfortunately, solutions like talc, creams and hacked off tights aren’t very sexy and often need tweaking during the day.

Now, relief has come in the form of elegant, sexy bloomers whose magic bullet contains satin. And it’s about blooming time too!

Pioneering UK brand Bloomin’ Sexy presents women with an attractive antidote to the dreaded thigh chafe, providing practical but beautiful, bloomer-styled underwear in UK sizes 12 to 30. Read more.

Why Women Love Bloomin’ Sexy

Touser-like undergarments dubbed as bloomers first disrupted the fashion status quo around two centuries ago. Worn from waist to knee, they afforded women greater freedom of movement and were seen as more practical and comfortable than layers of petticoats. Eventually, they were undercut by skimpier designs as fashion needs continued to change.
However, it is that ideal of comfort and function that has inspired UK-lingerie brand Bloomin’ Sexy to reinvent the bloomer as a useful but elegant everyday essential especially for the contemporary woman who suffers from the pain caused by inner thigh chafing. Read more.

Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief Review

Signs of spring are everywhere, which means the resurrection of my warm weather clothing is imminent. Summer outfits usually have a way of filling me with mixed feelings, namely excitement and trepidation. Although I love the girlish, romantic feel of summer dresses and flowing skirts that swirl deliciously against bare skin, the thought of not wearing my deniers or trousers and ending up with unbearable inner thigh burn usually brings me to a sobering reality.

So I count myself lucky to have discovered a wonderful lingerie brand that is tackling the issue of the dreaded inner thigh chafe with fashionable yet functional underwear. UK-based lingerie brand Bloomin’ Sexy makes sexy bloomer-styled underwear aimed at eradicating inner thigh torment. Read more.

Bloomin’ Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

Summer is a popular time of year to get married for a reason. Flowers, sun, and warm temps can make for a beautiful wedding day. But if the heat really rises, the bride has to make sure they have some unpleasant body issues covered, like thigh chafing. Enter Bloomin’ Sexy, a UK-based brand that has created lingerie style shorts in sizes 12 to 30 to help with this uncomfortable problem. Most recently they launched a line aimed just for brides.

The brand was created by Carol Westwood and Jill Mudge with the purpose to be lingerie not just anti-chafe garments. And they’re not shapewear either-Carol explains they are meant to hug the body, not squeeze it. These perfect fit knickers also feature Italian stretch satin panels at the thigh that are unique among anti-chafe pieces, which makes the pieces soft and smooth. Read more.

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