Bottoms Up with Adore Panties

Adore Panty Collection Enchanted Belle A1005

Above: Enchanted Belle.

“We designed the Adore Panty Collection to ignite an air of mystery and secrets.”

Let’s face it as women we are a myriad of moods, our whole world can shift with just one text, piece of chocolate or even a panty.

Wearing a panty that is delicate and crafted with sensual intentions has the power to boost your emotional state to feeling sexy, and when you feel sexy this reverberates into your every action. After all, how you see yourself is how the world sees you.

Adore Panty Collection

From top and clockwise: Lavish and Lace, Desire, Naughty Vanilla and Angel.

Your panty should always be your most scandalous secret. Never ever save wearing your naughty knickers for an occasion; the occasion should always be now for no particular reason other than celebrating your own fabulousness.

Adore Panty Collection Tangled Ecstasy A1003-full

Above: Tangled Ecstasy.

Choose ones that have a mind of their own that you can’t wait to put on, because quite frankly life in cotton briefs is a tragedy best to be avoided.

Adore Panty Packaging

We designed the Adore Panty Collection to ignite an air of mystery and secrets. By wearing an ultra sexy panty on the inside, you don’t need bells and whistles on the outside.

Each panty has its own unique hint of sexy, edgy and playful, with swirls of lace, straps and petite cut-outs. Because the first thing you put on is a panty, you want it to be the most exquisite one to match the mood you intend to create.

Bottoms Up!

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