Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Augmentation

Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Augmentation

“These bra shopping tips will help you find the perfect bra fit after breast augmentation.”

by Allison Goodlin

Many women are surprised to discover that bra shopping after breast augmentation is a completely different experience than bra shopping before surgery. Not only are your new breasts larger, but implants can make some lingerie fit a bit differently. And of course, there’s the in between time after surgery, but before you’re fully healed. These bra shopping tips will help you find the perfect bra fit after breast augmentation.

Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Augmentation

Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Augmentation

Read on for Bra Shopping Tips After Breast Augmentation.

“A professional fitting will help you to discover which bras fit your new breasts and can save you a lot of time in the dressing room.”

  1. Give it Time- It takes time to fully heal after breast augmentation surgery. Don’t rush bra shopping. The board certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Services of Fredricksburg, a top rated surgical center in Virginia, recommend waiting at least six weeks before transitioning into a regular bra as this gives the implants time to settle. Wearing a regular bra too soon can irritate sensitive tissue and keep the breasts from healing properly.
  2. Start with Support- The first bra you’ll want to buy after breast augmentation is a supportive, soft cup sports bra. This will give your breasts the extra support they need to heal. It might not be as fun to buy as a frilly lace push up bra, but it will help you stay comfortable and supported, which is important if you want your implants to heal properly. Rushing into a traditional bra too soon can keep your implants from settling properly and lead to problems with the healing process. Dr. Howard Heppe from Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg generally recommends that patients wait at least 6 weeks before wearing a traditional bra. Your plastic surgeon will monitor your healing and give you the go-ahead when you’re ready. You have a lifetime to enjoy your new breasts; give them plenty of time to heal!
  3. Get Fitted- Experts estimate that a majority of women are wearing bras that don’t fit properly. After breast augmentation you may want to have a professional bra fitting. These are sometimes offered for low or no cost at a local lingerie boutique or department store. Breasts with implants have a slightly different shape and feel than natural breasts. A professional fitting will help you to discover which bras fit your new breasts and can save you a lot of time in the dressing room.
  4. Don’t Worry about the Numbers- Did you ask your surgeon for a specific cup size when discussing your breast implants? If you did, don’t be surprised if your actual breasts are a different size. Dr. Heppe explains, “Bra sizing isn’t standardized, but rather is left up to each manufacturer to decide. The best way to get a bra that fits properly after breast augmentation is try them on. See what fits and what doesn’t. You may have suggested a specific cup size to your surgeon which was used to determine your implant size, but your actual cup size will vary.”
  5. Do Your Research- Learning about different bra types, styles, and trends can help you find a bra you’ll love. Before you start shopping, head to and do a bit of research. You’ll find their section on lingerie trends especially useful as it can help you determine which pieces are currently in style. If you’re buying a whole new lingerie wardrobe, it might as well be a high fashion one. After all, don’t you want to look great both in and out of your clothes?
  6. Don’t Buy All Your Bras at Once- Once you get your surgeon’s go ahead to start buying regular bras, shop slowly. Your breast size and fit will continue to change for several months after surgery as the swelling fades and your implants settle. Buying bras one or two at a time will allow you to purchase more as your fit changes and will help you to avoid a drawer full of lingerie that doesn’t fit.
  7. Go with a Friend- Bra shopping after breast augmentation is a difficult and time consuming process. Take a friend along for moral support. Your friend will be an invaluable resource for grabbing different sizes as your try things on and see what fits and having that support will make a long day a lot more fun.
  8. Try Different Styles- Breasts with implants are shaped differently than natural breasts. Rather than sticking with the tried and true bra favorites you had before surgery, try a bit of everything. You may be surprised at how well a new bra style fits. You have new breasts; don’t choose the same old bra.
  9. Visit Stores in Person if Possible- Bra shopping online can be incredibly convenient, but it is difficult after breast augmentation surgery, especially for those first few bras. If you can, visit stores in person so you can try bras in a variety of sizes (and swap out bras that don’t fit for ones that do). Wait to shop online until you’ve found the right sizes and know your fit. This infographic can help you steer clear of common sizing pitfalls.
  10. Have Fun- The best advice we can give for bra shopping after breast augmentation is to enjoy yourself. Splurge on a favorite bra, take a shopping break and grab a tasty snack, and spend the day relishing in your new look.

Now that your breast augmentation surgery and recovery are completegrab your best friend and get shopping. Don’t be afraid of trying new things and take your time — relish in the bra shopping experience.

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