Bradelis Rosemary Demi-Cup Bra

Rosemary Demi-Cup Bra

“This particular lacey confection is the perfect semblance of lace, cut, and style.” -Christi Reid

On April 26th, 2012, Bradelis held a flagship store event in Nolita to celebrate their newest retail location in the city. I was fortunate enough to attend and get to view the beautiful space and speak with some of the company’s representatives and store managers. Shortly after the doors opened the store was bustling with press and special guests all vying for the chance to view the collections on display. For me it was simple, I walked in and headed straight to the left where I saw bras and panties that boasted of extreme femininity and shapewear masquerading as sexy lingerie. Just feeling the product I knew that the quality level of construction was something to take note of. I could also not get over how adorable the displays were, with the key pieces of each collection featured on faceout hangers in elegantly constructed open wooden chests lit from the back to enhance consumers’ view of the product.

After talking with several company representatives, I was taken into one of the fitting rooms to be given a special bra fitting. Bradelis is well known for their unique Japanese fitting techniques and I was excited to get the chance to learn more. As the company puts it “Lingerie by Bradelis New York is designed to sculpt and contour. To adjust and reshape your curves to their proper position. Your silhouette…redefined.” I was certainly ready to have my less than voluptuous curves be enhanced with the perfect bra so I held my breath as the store manager first took my precise measurements and then spoke to me about my needs and wants. Afterwards she left the fitting room for a moment knowing exactly what bra would be best suited for me. She returned with the Rosemary demi-cup bra.

Rosemary Demi-Cup Bra and Brief

Bradelis Rosemary Demi-Cup Bra and Brief

This particular lacey confection is the perfect semblance of lace, cut, and style. The Rosemary demi-cup bra is constructed out of a high grade silk jersey with a gorgeous black leavers lace overlay and is apart of Bradelis New York’s PremiumLine. The inside of the piece is completely lined in silk jersey to add extra comfort and the element of luxury. The push-up style is accentuated with pads that can be removed for the wearer’s discretion. Crafted with the Bradelis ingenuity, the sides of the bra have boning added to allow for extra support and durability. In black and nude, this bra marries full function with play. The bra can be worn daily with full comfort or as a special occasion piece. Priced at $128, this bra is on the high-end scale for the company, but the cost is completely worth it considering that Bradelis offers lifetime alterations and repair services.

My bra fitting was a slightly shortened experience of a five-step process. The lovely women at the store first provide new and returning customers counseling to go over any concerns or specific needs. Next, the fit specialist will take over and under the bra measurements and assess these numbers against the customer’s proportions and physical makeup. After measurements have been taken the next step is for the fit specialist to determine the ideal style and cut for the consumer. Once the customer has been outfitted in the proper set the specialist will then review the fitting and see if any on-the-spot alterations will be needed to achieve the absolute perfect and customized fit. Finally, the customer will be informed about the company’s aftercare services, free alterations provided for the life of the garment chosen.

This whole process ensures great customer interaction and allows for shoppers to feel as though they are truly being serviced and cared about. I was definitely impressed by the team at the Bradelis New York Nolita store and am sure to make several return visits.

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