Breaking Away From Excuses and Owning It

La Femme Dangereuse

Above: La Femme Dangereuse.

“Constantly innovating and reinventing your brand keeps you current and opens creative possibilities.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

Regardless of industry and price point, when the numbers go down, we always want to find a reason why, providing excuses that will comfort amidst the uncertainty. Small and large businesses alike share the common habit to blame outside forces for missed opportunities that should be targeted from within. The key is not to use these excuses as permission to accept things as they are and actually do something about them.

Below are some of the common excuses in retail and how to avoid them:

Increased competition

Competition is inevitable. There will always be someone ahead of the game and it’s wise for you to keep that in mind. However, it’s not a reason to shrug your shoulders and dismiss the loss of sales because of this. Know your competitor and why they are successful. Be familiar with what they do and how they do it. Get inspired. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to discover your own uniqueness and areas where perhaps you should evolve or adjust. Remember to avoid imitation, because it can be detected miles away.

The ‘No’ Factor

This includes the all too common: no time, no traffic, no new product, and so forth. Sometimes, you really have to be true to yourself: Do you really have no time? Surely you could organize yourself better and allot even a few minutes of each day to get something done. Although there may not be any foot traffic, surely there are numerous other ways to generate sales. If you are not familiar with other ways, then proper sales training will definitely go a long way in restoring profit to your business. You may not have new product yet, but there is always a solution to turn things around and recapture your customer’s interest.

“My industry is different, so that won’t work for me”

Your industry may indeed be different, however, when it comes to sales, product and customer relationships, we are not reinventing the wheel. We are simply tailoring it to fit each industry and its unique, distinct priorities and standards. Instead of shutting doors by not being willing to learn, open your mind and think outside the box. You may be surprised what solutions can be generated. Have the mindset of: HOW can this work for me?

Azaleas Lingerie Boutique

Above: Azaleas Lingerie Boutique.

Whether your store may need practical, efficient layouts, fresh merchandising plans or perhaps some much needed sales training, there is always a way to stay ahead of the game. Everyone has blamed some outside force and given excuses for why things are not the way they should be at some point in their career. However, identifying these areas of opportunity and taking action before it gets bad is the solution. Constantly innovating and reinventing your brand keeps you current and opens creative possibilities.

What excuses have you’ve caught yourself saying?

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4 Comments on “Breaking Away From Excuses and Owning It

  1. Avatar Tina Omer says:

    Great tips! As a boutique owner, I research not only potential new suppliers, but I research the construction of their items. It has definitely made me a better bra fit assessor and in turn, has increased my sales by providing products that place emphasis on fit AND function.

    • Avatar Joy Menon says:

      Hi Tina,

      Glad you liked the article.

      Love what you’re doing! It’s a great way to further develop your talents and be even more ahead of the game.

      Knowledge is power.

      Happy Selling!

      All the best,


  2. Perspective means everything. That is what I learned from your post. There are a variety of ways of tackling isues and overcoming excuses. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    • Avatar Joy Menon says:

      Hi Vontoba,

      Glad you liked the article.

      You are right. Perspective means everything.
      Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement to dig deeper and keep moving forward.

      The perfect road does not exist and that’s why it’s even more important to be flexible in order to reach our goals.

      All the best,


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